Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday 13-Really Random Thoughts

1.  The "burquini" scandal-good grief, let people wear what they want to wear.  Insist, if you must, that they not be worn anywhere but the pool, and that the person shower before entering the pool-just like everyone else. I've seen a lot of people who would benefit from a good burquini, and maybe using them will make people realize they don't have to bare all to have a swim.

2. Today is Aug. 13-Thursday thirteen on the thirteenth-the lisping alliteration is mesmerizing.

3. African Grey / =Bootcoot Pictures, Images and Photos This is not Oliver the parrot, but I love this picture.  It really illustrates how a monotone bird can still be gorgeous and fascinating to watch.

4. At some point in our history, maybe in the 70's, every restaurant in the United States of America got the idea of substituting Rice Pilaf Pictures, Images and Photosrice pilaf for baked potatoes.  It was a good idea, suitably bland, but easier to prepare and store.  Nobody ever eats it though-so why bother?  Charge me a dollar less and keep your pilaf.  Pilaf. Pilaf. Pilaf.....even the word annoys me at times.

5. According to Wikepedia   fart is one of the oldest words in the English language, and "Teachers in American schools have been encouraged to use books about farts to make children more comfortable with the word.[15]"  

Trust me, kids already LOVE the word.  I suppose it's one those full circle things-where we were too uptight and now we have to embrace farting in our educational system.  Some people will do anything to avoid teaching our kids to READ.

6.  I ordered a Neuton Mower Pictures, Images and Photos  

The BBB never got back to me about the other, inferior and shoddy product I ordered and am apparently stuck with.  I went to Sears and Roebuck to buy a gas mower, but they assured me if I didn't like the Neuton I could return it at the store, no problemo.  Sucker that I am-I decided not to give up on my quest for green mowing.  

Actually, it's not the green-so much as I like the noise level or lack thereof, and the lack of smelly gas slopping everywhere.  That said, I WOULD like the damn thing to cut grass.

7. I am training for a 50 mile road ride  
in September.  In my entire life I've never ridden more than 40, but that was on such a windy day that the last 10 miles (people were blowing over it was so windy) probably equated to at least 20 on the fear factor alone.  That was the one and only time I ever rode my road bike in a tour.  Now I'm happily rolling a hybrid and I feel a lot more secure.  My center of balance and power is in my ass-and stretching out too far away from that is not fun.

8. I wish I had more upper body strength, but apparently not enough to do much about it.

9.  I did not go look at the boa yesterday as Oliver reported.  I am going today.  Boas give live birth as opposed to laying eggs like pythons do.  That kind of blows my mind a bit-I would expect all snakes to do one or the other.  I guess fish and sharks do that too-some giving live birth and some laying eggs.  Oh well, it still blows my mind.

10.  Meet Fluffy.
Fluffy 2 Pictures, Images and Photos  Fluffy(I believe this one is Fluffy 2) used to live in Oklahoma City but now lives in Columbus, Ohio.  She's big, isn't she?  None of my kiddos will get this big unless something goes terribly wrong.

11.  I did not boycott shark week.  I'm too weak.  But I do disagree with the programming choices, all shark attacks and gore.  Why not do a little gore with a little education too?  Sorry Discovery-when you ran the save the seas ads, people were taking leaks or had recorded past the commercials.  Get savvy-you have to put your message in the body of what is being recorded.  And the whole rehashing of Matawan Creek again-yes, people were attacked by a shark in a river and that was the FIRST time in AMERICA we knew about it.  Michael Jackson is still dead-is that on next week's line up?

12. This guy   annoys the shit out of me.  The whole whale wars thing-I can't watch it because the ego and the nonsense outweighs the message for me, and the amount of money spent on what amounts to a stupid publicity stunt is staggering.

13. Low Carb ice cream makes you fart like a rhino.  Ok, it makes ME fart like a rhino, and other people have told me they experience similar results.  It happens fairly quickly too-so don't eat it on a first date with someone you want to see again.  Hey, maybe teachers can start serving it in school as part of the fart enrichment program!

This really isn't tasteless enough to warrant a warning at the top of the post.  I wish I could just rip off really tasteless stuff at the drop of a hat-but, such is not the case.  I do think I nailed the random part though-don't you?


kj said...

okay you wise guy. i am queasy enough about bodily function anything so i had to scroll this thurs 13 and hope i escaped most of the b.f. references.

i'm so genteel, debra kay...


Debra Kay said...

I think there were only two-but the carb control ice cream one is a public service announcement. People really need to be warned.

I mowed the second half of my front lawn today with the stupid Mantis. The Neuton has been shipped, but it would be an unfair test of it if I let the lawn get too high.

I think I will repurpose the mantis as a toy for Daddy to play with-Mom might get some use out of it because their lawn is thinner (and they don't let it get so high).

soulbrush said...

roflol double, i wish you would do oe of these every single day, or even two a day. btw, i have a huge red message saying that my 'blogland lane' blog is liable to have spam on it and will be shut down in 20 days....eeeek

Debra Kay said...

Blogland is under review-I am sure we will pass muster. We are taking up a lot of bandwidth, but its for a purpose, not to spam or just to take up bandwidth.

Not to sound like a corporate mouthpiece, but blogger IS free, and if they want to limit the size, well, that's their business. If I had set up Blogland from scratch, with our own site and dreamweaver, well, it wouldn't happen. The idea of being able to collaborate is what's really amazing with this medium!

Thursday 13 was a KJ idea (like blogland) and it is my most challenging task-some weeks it just flows, and other times I have to dig-but I think it's a great exercise.

Lynn said...

thanks for the farting ice cream info. I do not forsee any first dates in my near future but it's always good to know. It may be made with Splenda, which makes people "leak in their pants" sometimes if they eat too much of it...which may be the same as farting, or farting could just be a prelude to leaking. What brand ice creaw is it? I haven't eaten any in quite some time, but just incase I want or need help farting it would be good to know. Again, thanks for the update.
And Fluffy is some snake! Is that guy on a first date with her or is he just crazy?

Mim said...

Very Random Deb. Are Boas the ones that make the headlines like "baby was strangled in crib by pet boa" ?? My nephew has one called "alien" and it scares the farts out of me!

Debra Kay said...

Yes, it was a boa that did that in Florida. Don't get me started on how many kids are killed by dogs each year....because that will lead to a long diatribe about irresponsible pet owners.

And, "the boa" ended up being the boas-but when you see the girl I bought you'll know why-they are the perfect pair.

They have to settle in for a week, so no interaction to know if I like boas now or not-but I didn't hate looking at them last night.

Amongst snake people-there seem to be boa people and python people, and I'm trying to understand if there is a snake related reason about their preference, or if it's just PR. Not that it will help anyone in any way, but it will help me understand myself better if nothing else.

Sadly, my research has shown that it is ANY carb control ice cream that can have explosive results.