Sunday, August 2, 2009

Biking Biking

Michele-I thought of you this morning-I rode with a friend at Hefner Lake and remembered our epic rides at White Rock and around Dallas.  This morning we hit the dam right at sunrise-it really was a pretty thing, and it reminded me of sunsets at White Rock (without the heat or the mosquitos).  Maybe mornings are a good thing after all.

I thought about Mim too-and wished I had remembered to bring a camera to share my sunrise.  I guess I'll have to do it again (insert fake sigh).

I was delighted with the trail-it was in wonderful shape and there were no detours under troll bridges-I think I'd feel ok riding alone there.  I just looked up the trail length at White Rock-it's 9.33; Hefner is 9.1.  Is that the standard lake size in the south?

There is a smaller lake 5 miles away and they are working on a trail connecting them-two lakes in one ride-how cool is that?  Our river trail is nice, but not a place to go after dark or alone, which is sad, because it's the newest and best trail and no one really uses it.

I was really pleased that my stationary biking (it rained a lot this week) got my legs amped up enough to do the 9 mile ride today.  My stationary bike is a recumbent (for watching tv while pedaling) and I just assumed it wasn't doing anything much at all except burning calories.  I have new respect for the stationary bike and for my own legs.  Honestly, I haven't ridden since last fall, and while 9 miles is not a huge ride, it's a pretty big first ride.

Michele-do you remember when we started riding?  I think our first ride was maybe 2 miles and we could barely make it back.  Do you ride still?  I saw lots of people with kids on the back-I think I like the seats better than the trailers though-they look more secure.  

The best thing about riding is that it takes place when I'm normally sleeping-so I 'm up, burnt some calories, and still have the normal portion of my day-how efficient is that?

I'm going to be riding a bit between now and vacation-the trail at Provincetown is noted to be "moderately difficult" and that's probably by hill country standards.  Time to dust off the cobwebs!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I got my bike ready for a spin after watching the Tour de France. I have only ridden it 2 miles since. Ha...Good ride that nine miles.

Mariana Soffer said...

Riding a bike is amazing, is such a rewarding activity, you enhance your body, release endorphines, feel bettter, admire the scenery, develop your equilibrium, stregthen your legs, and other several benefits.

Besides it gives you a sensation of piece of well being, something so good it is difficult to experiment with other activities except maybe the sexual ones, althou thouse have most of the time very bad consecuences, and tend to end bad.

"The best thing about riding is that it takes place when I'm normally sleeping-so I 'm up, burnt some calories, and still have the normal portion of my day-how efficient is that?"
I so nor understand this paragraph pretty well, you ride when you are asleep or awake, I do not understand what you meanat the end either.
Excuse my imperfect english pal

Debra Kay said...

Ok, I've entered one "ride" not a race, and I'm considering another one.

Mariana-I am world renowned for my ability to sleep in and be lazy. So when I get up early to ride, I am grabbing back a portion of the day I sleep through normally. Although, I must confess, age has kicked in. Sleeping IN used to mean anytime past noon. Now it means sleeping till 8:30.

The last paragraph explains that I need to get in shape before I try to ride in Cape Cod....dusting off the cobwebs could either refer to dusting off the cobwebs from my bike and using it OR dusting the cobwebs off my muscles.

As best I can read the trail map for the trail in Provincetown, one has to make it OVER the hills to get to the ocean (my goal of goals) and then back OVER the hills to get back home. It took me a long time to learn to ride up a hill (there really is an art to it) and I'm hoping I can get that back by October!

I'm not worried or dismayed by it though-I am perfectly capable of "taking my bike for a walk" up any hill I can't ride. That's one thing I've liked about biking-the joy (except for an elite few) is not in the winning-it's simply in the doing.

Renee said...

Debra have you seen our friend kj.

Will you see her and have tea?

Thank you for your kindness to me.

Love Renee xoxo

studio lolo said...

Debra Kay,

Peddle away to your heart's content. I don't ride bikes anymore but I'll be more than happy to keep the P-Town homefires burning or going for a long walk with other ladies who no longer ride. Of course if it's 5 o'clock then I'll be on the sofa or deck with a glass of wine ;)

Mim said...

YEA! Bring your bike or you can rent. I'll bring mine. The P'town hills can be difficult but walking up is great exercise also and there is no shame in walking (I do it all the time).

SO glad you got out to ride - very therapeutic

Debra Kay said...

"There is no shame in walking" that must be the universal bikers creed.

We should also add "it's better to walk than to shift gears too late and tear off your chain...."

We should have wine a pupus every night! (pronounced poo poo but I can't spell it that way, it's just wrong).

It's been a good day, ride this morning and I went and gave Casper a bath this afternoon-such fun!