Wednesday, August 12, 2009

HAW-Do you wanna go outside? Huh?

The woman is so easily amused.  To make her laugh I just have to look at her and say "Do you wanna go outside?  Huh?"  It must be a wonderful thing to be such a simple creature. 

Today she is going to go look at a boa.  I don't know why she wants a boa, she likes pythons.  She said to me "that's why, I don't know why I don't like boas."  That doesn't make a lot of sense, at least to me.  I, me, me, Mister Birdy Birdy Bird-think that all snakes are rather dull and uninteresting.  They don't make any noise, very little mess-I don't think they have a lot of fun. 

 I'm allowed to yell the snakes all I want because they are deaf, but I cannot go knock on the side of the tank-NO NO NO.  I don't see why not-they can't get to ME ME ME, but the woman says it isn't "nice".  Well, neither is biting the side of the tank.  When I, me, Mister Birdy Birdy Bird, when I am going to bite, I squawk or give a click of my beak to give a person a little warning.  Not those dumb ol' snakes-they sit there all still and then BOOM-right on the side of the tank.  It could give a bird a fright!  And then they go right back to not moving. B-o-r-i-n-g.

Sometimes the Prissy and I come and go on the same trip-me on my perch and Prissy tucked under the woman's arm.  Today I was thinking about giving those big ol' ears a nibble, and the woman said "Now Oliver, she won't like that."  Why should I care, but maybe I should because I'm pretty sure that I got a few extra bite of pop CORN for that.

But seriously, LOOK at those big ears.  Anyway, the Prissy owes me.  The woman forgot she was out and it started raining and thundering.  I took charge and started howling like a dog and then yelled "PRISSY, PRISSY, NIGHT NIGHT"  until the woman went outside and got her.  I do like to keep things in order around here.

HAW-try to stay out of the rain!

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Mim said...

Those ears are adorable - DON"T bite them Ollie.

That "art" statue is very disturbing - and very well done!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Life in the day of Oliver. Beware of those snakes Oliver. They would make mincemeat out of you. It is good that you like order in your world Oliver. The woman needs help.

soulbrush said...

poor little prissie, stop beng nasty to her and the snakes and the birds and the woman, if you're a good boy i'll give you grits and carrots and chocolate eclairs and ginger cake and champagne and ....

Debra Kay said...

Prissy can be a pretty nasty little shit herself. HMPH. If she curls her lip at me, I WILL bite her on her big dumbo ears, or that nose.

She's very jealous of MY, ME ME ME Mister Bird's ability to talk. If I want an apple, I can ask for an apple. If I want a crap, well, I get craps. Yes yes yes. I can ask for what I want.

AND...tadaaaaaa, I can tell her what to do. She doesn't have to listen, but she is annoyed by the idea that she might have to. Heh. I say "Prissy, SIT" then I click and say "good dog" and she will leave the room she's so offended. HAWWWWWWWWW!

I don't know why the woman stuck the art thing on the bottom of MY post. I will speak to her about that when she brings me my afternoon Apple apple apple and perhaps a little egg egg egg.

You know what else I do? Sometimes I walk on Prissy's box when she is in it....HAW! That really sets her off.

Debra Kay-Author Account Test said...

Ok-I rarely break character and post on "Oliver's day" but I just saw something so amazing I don't want to forget it. He was on the sunporch walking around the bottom of his cage, and he picked up a feather and tickled Molly's nose with it.

Now, I can't say it was deliberate-I'm sure he picked up the feather on purpose, but the tickle-I don't know. But if he were an ape and not a bird, I think that would be considered using a tool

I really am going to have to set a camera up on that guy-he's scary smart. And he's also learned to pitch his voice low when he talks to Molly so she's not afraid of him....AND the dogs have learned when he starts calling for an Apple and I walk out with one, treats are at hand.

Ok-back to Animal Wednesday-HAW!

Debra Kay-Author Account Test said...

And I just learnt to know who I am before I log in and start commenting.....LOL.

OMIGOD. My veriword is parryt. Do you think blogger watches us?

marianne said...

Ahh what an adorable doggie


studio lolo said...

be still my heart...sweet Prissy!

Oliver, how cool that you told the woman she was out in the storm. Don't hold it over Prissy's little apple head forever ;)

good grief, that sculpture freaks me out!! Yikes. Animalism gone bad...but like Mim said, it really is well done. But shit,,,EW!!!


kj said...

where oh where did you get that last picture, debra kay? it is freaky beyond what my brain can safely handle!


Debra Kay said...

The picture came from photobucket. Photobucket has a search engine and you can type in some weird terms and get some freaky stuff-my search term for this one was "Weird Animals".

The picture still fascinates me. The worried look on the mother's face evokes worry and a nurturing feeling too. My mind responds to the sight of what are clearly infants-the female portion of my brain instinctively wants to nurture them.

The arms and legs of the beast look masculine to me though-and that creates a disconnect, as does the front limb-because I can't tell if its for walking on holding things.

The more you look at it, the more things you see beyond the shocking. You know me, I always have to keep looking.