Wednesday, August 26, 2009

HAW-My new routine!

When the woman takes me out to the sun porch (it's too chilly to camp out now), she pauses at the top of the steps and asks, "Do you want to fly?" I will sometimes fly over to my cage. I like flying to my cage-it's got a big landing spot. I am not so good at the whole landing thing.

Sunday I flew down the hall and into the kitchen and came to rest on top of the white box. I can't open the white box, so I began opening the boxes on TOP of the white box. OHHHH yes yes yes, I love those boxes. Some of them have little packages inside of them-and you can rip open THOSE packages and there are oats and sugar! Some to eat, some to throw on the floor, some to walk in--OH fun fun fun fun!

Now, I know the woman does not like for me to open cabinets and shred the things inside, but something sitting on top of the white box seems fair game. But, here she came saying "no no no no Oliver."......hmpph. Then she took me out to my cage and gave me a toilet paper roll to shred. But I wanted to shred oat-boxes!

Monday morning she gave me a "puzzle bowl" with a toilet paper roll stuffed with peanuts and a little plate of soft beans in it. That was fun fun fun! She's finally getting the idea-I like SOME new things, just not too many new things all at once. That scares me a little.

She's also working out something so I can safely interact with the dogs more. She mentioned something about getting down on their level....I wonder what's up with THAT? The Moon still spends the most time with me. I like the Prissy better, but she doesn't like it that I can talk and say her name, and when she's around I can't help myself, I must taunt her.

The Molly is as big as the Moon now. She doesn't run when I taunt her, but I'm not sure if she's entirely sure if she wants to eat me or play with me. GOOD LORD-what kind of animal is she?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beware of those dogs Oliver. They may decide you would make a good squeaky toy. HAW.

Debra Kay said...

Oliver was in a mood this morning-he couldn't decide whether he wanted to go outside or play with his shiny toy in his sleep cage. He finally decided to go outside, flew around the sunroom twice and is now taunting the dogs.

He's been "dancing" a lot and I'm guessing that is a hormonal thing-the snakes are hormonal too (and they are still on Ghana time).

I may move his sleep cage into my room-I don't know if snake pheremones have an affect on Greys or not, but I'm not ready for a hormonal uprising.

Teri C said...

Oliver, you must moonlight as a writer cuz your descriptions are so fun and fab! I love visiting here to see what you are up to.


Mim said...

oh, ollie - watch out for those hormones! HAW to you mr. bird - are you coming to the cape also

studio lolo said...

For some reason the thought of raising hormones in snakes and birds has me on the floor tonight!

This heat is having a peculiar effect on me ;P

Debra Kay said...

Oliver is having a banner day-I rolled his big cage outside and washed it-while he was still in it. The garden hose is his new favorite thing-at one point he got very intent on getting the spray in his wing-pit-guess he wanted to smell fresh.

The parakeets got a cage wash bath too-they seemed to enjoy it-and it was a lot easier than catching them in the big cage, putting them in a smaller cage and then moving them back again.

soulbrush said...

well he's a dawg, d-w-a-g- you know what i mean...oh yey! hormones and parrots -never!