Saturday, August 22, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Release the greyhounds!
Adoption event today.

It may be that if I'm a good girl, when I come home from Provincetown I might go ahead and bring one of these guys home. I like to be home for a long stretch with a new dog, especially a foster or one that has been passed around.


soulbrush said...


Mim said...

Get the dog, get the dog.


You are a good girl already

Debra Kay said...

head exploding
benedryl today
no greyhounds........

studio lolo said...

awww, and I know you love going there!

Feel better please.

Did your header explode too?

Debra Kay said...

I got tired of all the effort it took to scroll down...LOL.

I do love the greyhounds but sometimes it makes me very sad, because they are such nice dogs and the numbers of them that are not rehomed are staggering. A farm may have hundreds.

Anyone who wants a pet dog who is already house broken, kennel trained and fairly well mannered should look into greyhound adoption. I can't speak for all rescues, but fasthound works to socialize and train out any issues before putting the dogs up for adoption.

Greys are large, but they are sprinters-one romp in the morning will cause them to sleep all day long, unlike certain border collies I know who go all day long (Moon). Molly works hard to conserve her strength by taking extended naps. They really are opposite ends of the border collie spectrum-and I think they are good for each other.