Tuesday, August 25, 2009

KMAT-Bugs, Weeds, Rashes, Gluten and the Garden

I thought perhaps I wasn't allergic to gluten after all, and I began to eat bread. No puking. yay. More bread. A little more, a little more...WHAM BAM thank you Ma'am, I got the rash from the outer banks of Hell. Itchy, burning (sounds like a hemorrhoid and it WAS a pain in the ass). The bad thing about an allergic reaction is you can't just say "I'm sorry" and move on-it stays around for awhile, reminding you of your transgression. Gluten-KMA.

I included bugs this week for no reason other than talking about rashes reminded me of bugs. I don't particularly hate them, but a gnat flew down my throat the other day and I hated THAT. KMA stupid gnat.

I have finally mastered the weed whacker. It's a hefty gas powered Stihl, and one can get into all kinds of trouble with it. I was whacking away at some weeds by the fence and a bit of hot weed whacking wire flew up and melted into my hand. OUCH. Kiss My ASS! I guess the line got hot flailing at the metal fence. Threading the weed whacker is a PITA (pain in the ass). Even with an easy start feature, starting is not that easy.

When I get tired of whacking weeds with my weed whacker, I'm going to do this with it:
WEED EATER Pictures, Images and Photos because that looks like it could be fun and I already have roller skates and knee pads. I will not grow a mustache though.

Nosey neighbor came out again and told me she wanted some squash. I have some fall squash started, but I doubt there will be enough to satisfy Mom and I, let alone the neighbors. She has watched me build that raised bed, haul dirt all over the world and back, weed, water, plant. Why on earth would she think I was doing it for her? I'm truly not a selfish person, but KMA nosey neighbor.

Gladys Kravitz Pictures, Images and Photos

It's particularly annoying because she always hits me up when I working IN the garden, hot and sweaty. Hey, how about you getting your fat ass outside and planting your own seeds...you, you.. SQUASH STALKER!


Michele said...

LOL. Love the photo and the part about the nosey neighbor : ) So for my KMA this week ... hmmm, I've had a pretty good week. Let's see, ahhh, bosses who can't make up their freaking minds and who can't meet a deadline can KMA. Especially the ones who think the deadlines don't apply to them - KMA. Bdays where I'm getting way too old - KMA. Women who are able to pop out babies like poop - KMA. That should about do it.

Mim said...

i love KMAM - great stories. I could go on and on and on and....

studio lolo said...

OMG I love Mrs. Kravitz because that used to be my nickname at one of the vet hospitals I worked at!! I swear I could get ANYONE to tell me their deep, dark secrets while I was on the desk. I lovingly (I think) earned that moniker!

We're new in this 'hood' and across the street we have an old couple who look out the window constantly and are always coming over to 'alert' us on important issues such as how to properly recycle in Rhode Island and to say "I see you like wine."
This morning's knock on the door was to tell me I have a brake light out.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Kravitz. Care for some wine?
And btw, I did have a bulb replaced in my light.

KMA neighbors who know your every move!

soulbrush said...

roflol, i can't help it, these posts are fantabulous.
computers, and etsy shops and paypal and e mail and mosqitoes, all KMFA this week...