Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HAW-Apple Days are Here Again!

I've been dividing my time between my perch in the house and my nice big cage on the sun room. Sometimes I camp out, sometimes I come in to my little sleeping cage in the snake room. I have lots of places to go, and lots of different size perches so that my feet get plenty of exercise.

But, I still love to shred toilet paper cardboard rolls. No no no-I never forget the simple things that make me happy, happy, happy! Someone made me very happy this week, but I can't show you or tell you till next week....HAW! It makes me happy happy happy to tease you bit-like taunting the cat. Oh yes yes yes! That makes the cat soooooo mad. Here-kitty kitty kitty. Then "meow meow meeeeeoooooow". Haw haw haw!

This picture made me laugh a bit-poor bird has to go get his own cheetos! Not me-I just say "apple" and viola, the woman brings me my apple apple apple!

Of course, I usually feel sorry for anyone that isn't ME ME MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! But I don't feel sorry for you-because you know me-and that's almost as good as being me! I hope you like being YOU just as much as I like being MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Mister Birdy Birdy Bird!!!! HAW


Lynn said...

You are weird. I sure would like to get to know you...I think...LOL
That bird movie is hysterical.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am glad you are keeping busy moving around Oliver. Must keep those feet in good shape. I haveseen the gull video before. It is most appropriate for Animal Wednesday. HAW.

Michele said...

That video is cracking me up. It reminds me of the movie Over the Hedge : )

Teri C said...

That bird movie is just hilarious!! Kind of like you Oliver!!


soulbrush said...

roflol at first i thought it was you! so if i yell 'apple' will the woman bring me some too? hugs to you cutie pie.

Debra Kay said...

I've been on a chicken kick yesterday and today-crowing ca ca ca caaaaaaaaaaaaa!

studio lolo said...

Now you have my attention!

There's something about the word veri that intrigues me...quuuder.

it just smacks of BIRD!!!

Do you know I love you Oliver?


Debra Kay said...

I DO crow-but I mean to say cockadoodle doo-I meant a chicken crow. I also say the literal words chick chick chick......isn't it strange how you humans use many words to mean the same thing? No wonder you are confused.

Since the nights are warm I'm camping on the sunporch and the woman put the Prissy's crate under my cage so I can tell her night night. The Prissy doesn't care much for camping-too bad, too too bad. HAW.

kj said...

oliver, of course i didn't know that picture was a movie until i read your comments so now i have to go back and look. i am glad you are so full of yourself.