Sunday, August 16, 2009

Me, In Doll Form

A nice lady on a forum I belong to makes Dolls-and she's been making dolls of all of us on the forum. What's amazing is how the dolls and props around them reflect the personality (or at least the personality displayed on that forum).

Would you have been able to pick me out of the crowd?


kj said...

except for the pacifier, i would recognize you anywhere!~haha. i like the way you dress.

Debra Kay said...

What's really odd is I have a similar hoodie and sweat pants-but is it REALLY? I'm sure everyone has one.

I miss it being cool enough to wear sweats-wow, I never thought I'd say that. (and I only ever say it in August)

studio lolo said...

The pacifier is a dead giveaway.

Well, actually the dogs were ;P

laughingwolf said...

what lolo sez :P lol

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It looks a lot like you but she is much more quiet. ;)

soulbrush said...

nothing like you at all, you are more like pamela anderson in my

Debra Kay said...

What's really freaky is my avatar on that forum has very short, blondish hair-but my current real life hair is much more like the doll's hair.

I WISH I looked like Pamela Anderson with smaller boobs though. I think those big honkers would get in the way of almost everything I do.

Lynn said...

just read your thinking about the trip in OCT (the weekend of the 10th) are the beds still available for me and Mim perhaps?

my word is flotel sounds like a hotel by the water...your place???

Debra Kay said...

I'm not sure I'm by the water-I'll have to check...LOL.

So far everyone that has said for sure they are coming has mentioned getting their own room-and it looks like more people are going to be there around the first weekend.

My check in time is at 4 pm on the the 10th-out at noonish) on the if someone wants to fly in the morning of the 10th I'll be in the Bostonish area, probably headed down from New York.

Leaving I'll most likely take the southern route.

Lynn said...

So I am still unclear. Does that mean there is or is NOT still room at your place for a guest or two?
Am very interested. You can email me at