Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Remember the shoes bought last week because I bled on them? I was skeptical, but my feet (both) and ankle have been giving me so much trouble I was willing to try anything. So, I tried some MBT's , and I have to say, there is something to it. I'm walking more, I have more energy and less pain. Of course, it may have something to do with the Celebrex I started the same day.

Anyway-yay for less pain.


Hopper said...

yeah for less pain indeed!!! I had no idea what Celebrex was until I googled it just now... interesting sounding drug... it's a prescription thing from the sound of it... I'm not advising that you try it but whenever I have a head ache or my knees hurt or I have an upset stomach or... well any time I'm just not feeling up to the day and feeling crappy... you know what I try... there's always a bit of the electric cabbage to make my day bright!!!

hope your having a super day DEB!!!

Debra Kay said...

LOL-cabbage just puts me to sleep.

Debra Kay said...

LOL-cabbage just puts me to sleep.

BBC said...

The shoes link does not seem to work. I just buy plain shoes because I don't need things like that to make me feel good about myself.

And I have no idea what Celebrex is, I don't do those things because I'm almost 65 and have great genes and I don't need things like that to keep me going.

Not that I will always keep going, I know that death is assured but I'm not afraid of it like so many others are.

It will just be another interesting experience to an omnipresent spirit. I leave it to you mortals for fuss over that crap.

Hopper said...

"I leave it to you mortals," says BBC... lol... hahahaha... he gets funnier every day!!!

studio lolo said...

They are the strangest shoes I've ever seen! I think I'd tip over. But no pain is GREAT...and the side benefit from those shoes is an awesome, sexy butt from what I see on the ad!! LOL!