Thursday, June 12, 2008

And the heat goes on.....

Omigosh, the heat and wind. The snakes are saying that it will rain and possibly more by in the morning though-nature's little weather forecasters.

I took Daddy for a hotdog yesterday while Mom was out shopping. Uncle John and I used to go for hotdogs when we lived in Dallas, but John won't be going for any more field trips. And, I used to feel guilty taking John for hotdogs and not my dad. So, naturally, I feel bad now taking Daddy for hotdogs and not John.

But, guilt aside-we did have a nice time.


Anonymous said...

I hope those weren't real dogs you were eating BWARK!

King Jack

Mim said...

if anyone should NOT have guilt - it's you!

Debra Kay said...

Not realy dogs....oh no. Tomorrow I'm eating buffalo weenies (not REAL buffalo, uh parts, but a frankfurter made out of buffalo with no nitrates)

Mim, guilt is what I DO best.

Anonymous said...

Then STOP eating buffalo ermmmmm 'parts'. BWARK!

King Jack