Saturday, June 14, 2008

Honda Shadow Spirit

That's what my new motorcycle is-750 CC-a small(ish) cruiser. Small enough for me to manage, but big enough to manage highway if I so choose.

I knew, from looking at scooters, that if I got a scooter I'd also want to go on the road-so this time I didn't even pretend-I just got what would do both jobs-in town and out.

Lots of 40 sumthins and 50 sumthins and 60 sumthins are cruising now-but honestly, I've never liked riding behind someone-for one thing, not being able to see what is in front of you is maddening to me. And the people I've rode behind were idiots, let's face facts.

My balance used to be pretty good though-I could ride behind with a full bag of grocieries in each hand and one between my legs. The highway was no challenge at all, even the speed made it smoother. Dirt roads were a little dicey but I never fell off or broke an egg.

Stopping on the way home from Jakes (I saw a pink motorcycle and had to look) with my folks-the strangest thing happened. They didn't complain about stopping, they didn't complain about my looking.

Even stranger, after I reported what I saw and thought, we all dropped it-I didn't keep fishing for approval. I did bring up a memory-my first Honda 50 CC and I mentioned that I didn't know now how Daddy rode that thing-it was sooooo short. I said I didn't think I could do it as an adult.

We fell silent and something hit me that I never really got before. Daddy couldn't afford to pay for a pasture bill, no one had time to take me out to feed, but he did buy me mini bike and I was the only kid that I knew that had one.

In other words, they compromised and bought something that fit into our lives that I enjoyed and could ride-but as a child I didn't see that-only the horse I didn't have.

I got taller and the 50 turned into a trail 70-but it was street legal. I started getting boobs and my brother got a learner's permit and HE started going out on the road-so the bike was sold. And I grieved and moaned. But not too loud, cause truth be told, I had gone out on the road too-and not just any road. The HIGHWAY. Just to see how fast the bike could go.....70 I think.

A few years ago I wanted a Harley-shared that with a friend who jumped all over my case-saying "That's such a damn dykey thing-NO man would want a woman who rides a motorcycle and you always go off on these tangents..." I didn't care about the man or the dyke, but the tangent thing really hurt and I really didn't have the money anyway.

I mean, HONESTLY-man or woman who cared about whether or not I rode a motorcycle is not the person for me. They'd never make it past the snakes for one thing. They'd probably fuss about the mountain bike too, and that baby aint going no where.

I've been looking at horses again, but for me, paying someone to take care of MY horse just won't work. It's the caring for my animals that I enjoy the most. I like cleaning cages and clipping nails and stuff. Why I like that and despise doing the dishes, I cannot say and don't really care.

I've been thinking about the trailer too-gas prices pretty much wrecked that notion, as well as illnesses that keep me nearby. But you know what, it's paid for, lot rent paid up till next spring-it isn't hurting a thing. But, it gives me a strange sense of comfort that it's there, waiting; a little piece of me that isn't bound to a town or responsibilities.

Now, the red flames thing I could have done without, but it was a showroom new 07, red is ok and I'm going to have roses or something painted in the flames to girl things up a bit. The hardest part has been locating a helmet that will look cool with a red bike......coordination is key.


kj said...

yipee for you! let the air carry you.

Debra Kay said...

KJ-that has particular resonance today-my Ware-Parrot has been particularly flatulent today.

We even got into a little contest (I used my mouth too) and he's impressed with my ability to make a mulititude of farting noises. Now I have street cred with the bird-yeah!

Anonymous said...

OMF! The most embarrassing time in my life was when my Mother would only take me to school on her midlife and energy crisis motorbike! Don't forget girls wore dresses and overtaking school buses was living hell!! It was red. At least my helmet matched. THANK F I got that out of my system before 21...

BBC said...

Actually, a 750 is a hell of a lot of bike for a casual rider. My last bike was a Honda Shadow 500 and I thought it was all the bike I needed. And it was a beautiful bike, I loved it but I'm okay with my Honda Elite 150 scooter that I own now, it does highway speeds and gets great mileage.

The only brand new bike I ever bought was a Yamaha 250 Exciter and it was a pretty damn good bike with a good style and packed me and my wife around many a mile. She didn't drive but she loved to go. When she started getting cranky I would take her for a ride and she was happy again for a week. Just a biking bitch. LOL

At one time I wanted a Yamaha 750 Virgo, loved the style, but after taking one for a test drive I changed my mind, it just didn't feel right.

My first 'bike' was a Cushman single speed scooter, it took forever for that fucker to get up to 50 MPH. But I sure put a lot of miles on it.

Helmet? Screw style, stop being insane, women are living under trees and starving to death, put a strap on a stainless bowl and ride.

Send your savings to try to save another soul.

Debra Kay said...

Anon, it will hit again. I had my first little red sports car at 17 (paid for it myself). Just you wait.....

BBC, I don't know if I'll every fully use the full 750 CC's, but I want to be able to keep up with the crew if I take to the road. Not that I have a crew-yet. For around here, honestly a 70 cc would get me to the grocery store.

I loved the Virago and the V star. I've co-owned (i.e. rode on the back) a truimph, a kawasaki and a harley-the little kaw was my fave. I loved the sound of the triumph, but it sat up too high.

And it was an Indian that tore out the rear quarter panel of my little red sports car-stupid big bike.

DOT doesn't approve stainless steel bowls-although I recently did get a new small set of stainless steel cookware so I actually do have a dutch oven thingy that would work. For summer, I could just use one of the iron thingies I took off the top of my old and ventilation at the same time.

human being said...

really enjoyed reading this post...
love it when the things go at a tangent and not straight...