Friday, June 20, 2008

No Words, Just Music

Oliver the parrot has been seduced by sounds. He'd rather fart and howl and hum than say words. He reminds me of a human child, exploring sound with great vigor.

He's very considerate, he keeps the volume down until I get up for the day. I think former owners were probably not as nice as I am about it, but I love my wake up calls. Lately it's been a very soft wolf howl, repeated quietly until I respond back in kind.

His CD player is set to go off at 7, so he tunes himself up, preens and eats before the concert begins.

All my animals are ruthlessly present for me, and with so much of the future uncertain-John hovering somewhere between this world and the next, Daddy going in for tests in a couple of weeks, Mom trying not to panic-I really need the animals to bring me out of my own urge to panic.

Oliver howls softly in the morning-"wake up, wake up-how can life be too awful when you have the sun outside and the howling parewolf to great you? See, all better, give me a peanut and run along, I need my "space" in the morning"....Yes, it's true, my parrot likes his alone time. He needs me up and out so he can be loud for a bit, then I am welcome to come back, especially if I come with a bit of fruit.

I haven't gotten up this consistently early in my entire life-even when I worked I slept late every weekend, and all dogs are trained to not wake me unless there is a dire need. Who would have thought it was a parrot who would put me on a regular schedule of sleep and awakening?


Mim said...

Nice way to wake up I think.
Still in Sarasota - just stopped by to say hello. "Peaches" is calling to us....

Michele said...

I think it's cool how all of your animals have such fun personalities. They are like little people ... only much nicer than most people : )

kj said...

you have a full clan there, debra kay!

Debra Kay said...

Honestly, I cannot tell the difference between the level of devotion to their master with one dog vs. multiple dogs, and my aunt has a breeding pair of McCaws that are devoted to each other, and to her. Not ready for multiple parrots though...I've read there are more jealousy issues etc. and I notice my aunt keeps her greys in two different rooms.

I like people, well, some people. But animals are far more pleasant to be around on a day to day basis.

Anonymous said...

Hhehheee, Jack is killing me again during winter wake-up calls! Once Oliver works out your complete routine, you'll be 'called' at for anything you might be late for. It includes washing up where Jack's concerened! HAHAHHAAA