Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I am, I am not, I don't know

I'm not like you
But we are more alike than not
The same
Why do our differences
Does the chasm fill
With as much despair as
Do you dwell on the mystery


Fern said...

two feet in the mystery...

right up to my knees in it.

mucky stuff, that.

studio lolo said...

Amen to what Fern said!

Mim said...

Double amen

BBC said...

It's not really a mystery to me, our ancestors screw up their brains and we are still all bat shit crazy.

Screw it, I'm going camping in the morning, humanity can go to hell.

human being said...


human being said...

yes friend i dewelled long
on the mystery
filling with despair
to see the chasm
the abyss
the difference...
once i closed my eyes not to see it
and then a miracle happened;
i didn't see you
in front of me
different and unlike
i felt you by my heart
similar and alike...
my senses at times
mislead me a bit
they show me
someone in front of me
it's just my reflection
in the mirror...

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

I no longer dwell
On the mystery

I no longer
Make divisions

I no longer

I no longer
The chasm

We try
So hard
To fill it
With pretense

I am past that now
And I travel openly
As myself

Take inventory
Of all you possess
That has any true value
And you will find
That you can share these things
Without ever losing them

For the best things in life
Are not things
At all

NowI have lived
To see up close
And personal
Some of the darkest days
Mankind has ever had to face

I can tell you right here
And right now
That when things were their worst
Humanity did not go camping
Nor did it go to hell
Humanity stood shoulder to shoulder
Withstood the darkness
And faced the void without fear

Trust me

adi said...

hi debra,
came here through human. its a wonderful thought that you have put into words. and i really like the responses by fern, human and bob. these guys are so 'human' na?
and the reason why human asked me to come here is the link below, hope you'll like it too :)
lots of love