Sunday, June 1, 2008

Random Snapshots

A favorite shot of Bette-RIP my friend.

A shot of Buddy-who weighs about 150 pounds. He's old, and sweet and retired to Florida...Ha.

My innermost....foot. Damn, no wonder my foot hurts sometimes.

A thundercloud from March.


Mim said...

Bette was so pretty. Poor snaky. The foot I can relate to - I am off to the orthopedist tomorrow to see if I can get the screws and pins out of my ankle.
Hope you are having a good trip.

human being said...

- a coooooool friend
- oh Buddy needs a hug... like him
- gosh... my foot started to hurt...
- magnificent clouds

Forever Young said...

that is never your foot, how do you manage to walk?
oh sweet bette, rest in peace.

Debra Kay said...

I was going to have the pins and screws taken out-but they (finally) settled seemed to take them a long long time to do so.