Thursday, June 19, 2008

Me and My Little Snapper.......

Today felt like THE day-so I went out in search of......a riding lawn mower. The shopping gods smiled upon me and I found a lightly used, exactly what I wanted, Snapper 28" deck. Red. With a cupholder.

Dad is no longer able to mow, Mom refuses to allow us to hire a lawn person (for her lawn, she can't dictate MY lawn), and I can't mow both lawns due to my ankle. AND, I can't hire a lawn person while my 73 year old mother mows her lawn-I just CAN'T. Monday morning Mom was out mowing in a thunderstorm (no rain, JUST thunder and lightening).

Now, I love to ride things and have never minded mowing when my leg doesn't hurt. I've actually had (and loved) a little green riding snapper a long time ago. So, honestly, I'm excited and hope this is a good solution for all of us.

It may be the start of a bright new career.


human being said...

great minds
never nag
never cry
never judge
they just find a new solution...

Debra Kay said...

The crow is always wise.