Saturday, April 5, 2008

What a long strange trip it's been

Groovy Man faaaaaaaar Out
One day, I woke up, and the entire sky had turned into tie dye
Then there was a big flash of light and a buzz-I mean, it was
A celestial buzz.
I just sat there, with my head popped out from under my favorite rock
It was strange, really strange.
But not in a fucked up way, in a cool kind of, it's going to be allright way.


Debra Kay said...

The photo is just an accident-I was taking a picture of Andy Warhol and my shirt reflected in the glass. But, everytime I come across that picture, it makes me smile and come up with yet another caption.

studio lolo said...

is that like a cute little snake in the left corner???? Or am I tripping right along with you?

Anonymous said...

Wow man ... :))))

Forever Young said...

whew this is what they call a 'mindfuck'!

Forever Young said...

had to look at this again, what a wierd photo, can't actually get it.

Fern said...

Andy Warhol was with you in the snake room?


Debra Kay said...

Oh Fern, it gets even weirder. Andy Warhol was the least that snake's name.

When I got him, he lived in a very sterile 10 gallon tank arranged with very zenlike settings-it was pretty, but for a shy snake, not very secure feeling. I went with a little less urban feel, more places to burrow and hide, and he became very outgoing, or as outgoing as a snake can be.

He's the one that went walkabout for several months and then when he was hungry showed up on my pillow one night. I'm not big on that behavoir from people, but for a little white snake it was awfully cute.

Mim said...

Wow is right, and AndyWorhol looks like an alien, doesn't he?

billy pilgrim said...

sometimes the lights all shinin on me... other times i can barely see

tie dye rocks, i'm getting my colorful summer t-shirts ready for the sun. it's just not the same wearing them in the winter.

Forever Young said...

oh shit, i got this all wrong, i didn't even see the snake...wake up woman and see what's there! nice coming back to look at it once more.

Debra Kay said...


Billy, for one thing its a lot colder.