Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thoughts on a rainy night

Life flows on

Hating the process is futile
You might as well hate the rain.

Where there is air, breathe
Where there is no air, hold your breath
Knowing that the air will be there again
Whether you believe it will or not

Life flows on
Flow with it or not
Believe in it or not

Breathe or not breathe
It is all the same
Life flows on
Whether you believe or breathe or not.


Hopper said...

and that's just it... life goes on... there's this painting by Pieter Bruegel, The Fall of Icarus, that I love... only his legs are sticking out of the water... but no one notices... not the people walking, not the ship that is going the other way, even the sun seems not to care... life just goes on... nice poem friend

Fern said...


Teri C said...

Such a lovely insightful poem.

Michele said...

so very true.

Forever Young said...

yup,i was so outta sorts yesterday, but today i feel loads better, lows and highs, yings and yangs, the trick is to ride the waves.
i've awarded you the arteypico award for your awesome blog, that should cheer you up no end, specially when you see it- it's so ugly(i think)!

Diana Evans said...

wonderful poem Debra...glad you popped have a great blog...

I love the rain...especially listening to a massive down pour...

Mim said...

This is a wonderful poem Deb, and I'm not a poetry lover. and you're right in so many ways Life just does flow on...and on...and hopefully there will be air flowing around us and we'll keep breathing!

Fern said...

uh oh..did that storm get you?

I haven't known you to be AFK for so long.

But it's given me time to ponder...

what does Serroscotty mean?

Fern said...

haha's only been a day..

like you said:

does anybody really know what time it is?

obviously I don't.rxsbew

Debra Kay said...

Fern, you crack me up.
Serroscotty is the brand name of an old trailer (recently the company was repurchased) that I bought. It was the old trailer that I used to have and what started this blog.

But the first thing I learned from it was that if I set about revamping the trailer, making it roadworthy that would become my life's work because dang it, I'm just not handy. So I sold it, abandoned the dream, moved back to OKC...and then bought another road worthy trailer. But I kept the blog name because I like it.

I think my first posts were about the first scotty I ever had-which was the first home I ever had when I left my parents house. Yes fern,, I moved out of a house into a 12 foot trailer when I was 17.

Now it seems I have more STUFF but still a lot of the same old shit-and I'm working through it slowly.

Not sure about % of the trek is spiritual and how much of it is just MENTAL.

human being said...


Life flows on
Flow with it or not
Believe in it or not

This part is a big WOW!

kj said...

the perfect well written reminder for me! :)

Tania said...

Lovely poem, made me think. I'm dealing with the flow of Life at this point, can't decide whether to dive in or grab a boat...