Friday, April 11, 2008


The rock will not change until it is worn away by time
You may either wait for time to change the rock
Or learn to love the rock just as it is
But do not become attached to the rock you love
For it will change, worn away by time

A stone may be sent skipping across the water
But it is still a stone and eventually settles to the bottom
Waiting for time to make the change
From stone to whatever stones change into
When they are no longer stones

No one really knows what that is
And if the stones do, they are not telling.


Anonymous said...

You're a very good poet Debra Kay!

BBC said...

From stone to whatever stones change into When they are no longer stones

I'll tell you, but you may not see it from your level of evolution.

Everything in this universe, in the whole cosmos in fact, is the result of cosmic energies. This makes everything cosmic sexual debris.

Some of it solidified into planets, stars, moons, comets, etc.

But a lot of it on this unique planet is living. You are living cosmic sexual debris, but so is a blade of grass.

Lets get back to the stone though, What might the stone become? Well, they are loaded in minerals and nutrients, that cosmic sexual debris.

They already provide us with many useful things, sadly, some bad things, like, guns, tanks, bombs and such, without rocks we wouldn't have them.

On the other hand they provide us with many good things also. They don't have to tell us what they can change into, we are learning that and making use of it.

A stone can tell us nothing, contrary to what some may think, a stone is not a living thinking thing, like a blade of grass that does have an awareness.

What does a stone have for us in the future is the question. I'll tell you, when the science gets there, a food source, and it will be badly needed and welcomed.

Sorry, sometimes I get over others plateaus of thinking. Well, in his time a lot of people didn't understand Einstein either.

Debra Kay said...

The stone carries with it awareness of lives past, just as a house carries the memorie of a tree that it once was, or the echos of the fires that burned in the fireplace.

Hopper said...

I can't understand beach rocks
in the desert
like once was an ocean flapping
over crushed shells I walk upon...
everybody knows...
stone stays...
water goes...

Debra Kay said...

Hopper, perhaps the stone is the memory the water left behind.

BBC said...

Debra Kay.... I'm telling you that a stone does not have a life, it is an idiot. So to speak, hell, the monkeys are idiots, don't expect much thinking or awareness from a stone.

A stone can't feel your fingers on it if you caress it. But a human can, when was the last time a man ran his fingers over your body?

Not that it's any of my business.

The stone carries with it awareness of lives past,

Bullshit, only we do. That stone has been here for billions of years, it's just us that has to keep being renewed.

Debra Kay said...

The stone has had many lives as well. It began as magma or plant life long ago and has seen the world change many times over. Awareness isn't limited to the living. Haven't you ever felt the memories in a place or a house or someone's favorite chair?

Go to Sedona and watch the sun kiss the mountainside goodnight and tell me that both aren't alive with spirit.

BBC said...

A stone could care less about spirit hon.

BBC said...

It's just there to provide landscape or you wouldn't have anything to look at.

human being said...

Beautiful reflections...
I love stones very much and believe that they've got a soul in a way and they DO move...and change...

These are two of my works about them:

Mute Love,

Hopper said...

people are like stones
and sometimes all it takes
is to strike them just right
and they will open up like a shell
and show you that place inside
where the spark lives
where they care more about other people
than they care about themselves

please don't give up on some of the toughest, hardest stone you find in this strange world... cricket

kj said...

fascinating post and comments. i have to agree that my truth and experience comes down on the same side as you, debra kay.

have a good week!


Forever Young said...

"learn to love the rock just as it is"
that is the most important line of all
self love was the hardest thing i had to learn to do
but i did and i do!

i love rocks and stones,and that's that, spirit or not?
okay debs, this is it, poetry is your THING, you are sooo good, maybe a poem a day?

Fern said...

I am stone lover.
I agree with Hopper.
People are like stones.

But sometimes also like a loaf of bread.

Debra Kay said...

BBC-many things don't care. The wind doesn't care, the sun, the rain. As near as I can tell, snakes don't really care either, although they do exhibit preference. It's amazing how humans associate preference with caring-I find them to be two enitrely different things.

HB-your poems are lovely. We see many things alike, yet our lives are so different.

Kj, I'm still thinking about that beach photo.

Hopper-you got it right-the orignal stones in my poem were my parents but as I began to write the idea morphed into, well, really all things. Because all things are exactly what they are, for now.

FY-you are so sweet. I write poetry in spurts, it just blurps out sometimes.

Yes Fern, hard and crusty on the outside, and soft on the inside-if it's a good quality bread. I'd hate to think I was whitebread!

Honour said...

Debra Kay, found your blog through a mutual friend - Hopper's ... what a delight (as well as your poetry in the chain poem) ... but I really like what you've shared here. The rock analogy is beautiful -- and true. Reminded me of the emotion in "River Runs Through It" ... love people as they are, can't do any more or any less for them... p.s. on a side note, i agree - inanimate objects indeed carry emotional residue :) memories, thoughts, wishes, dreams ...

Debra Kay said...

Honour, I'm glad you dropped by. I have the perfect analogy for emotional residue-a parrot (thanks to the chatter from the room down the hall). Right now Oliver is telling a story about a guy training a dog named Slim, complete with sound effects and dog whines. Old houses resonate with memories in much the same way, although a bit more quietly.