Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Running out of time

I pretty much always feel that way...that there is not enough time. The preacher at the senior center comforted the oldsters by saying "worst thing is you'll die and go to heaven, but Jesus is coming soon so that is probably what's going to happen."

Now, I'm not being critical of preacher-HE was there talking to them, and they appreciated it. Whether or not I agree with the message, I agree with the attention he gives them. Most of the sermons are geared towards not fearing death and what is going to happen when you die. Which is age appropriate for sure, but I have visions of him getting up there and saying "I really don't have any idea what the future holds for any of us, but I'll hold your hand through it."

That would be a nice message and you could take comfort in it without believing he knows what he's talking about. I do believe he thinks he knows or he wants to think he knows. I am trying not to be angry at any religion and I have already called a truce with preacher at any rate-for the Sundays we are both at the nursing home. I smile and try to send him good energy to send to the residents-in that we are united and I can participate. I do give him props-it's probably as uncomfortable for him to shake my hand with my capri pants, tie dye shirt and multiple tattoos as it is for me to shake his hand-but every Sunday we both give it our best effort and I think we are both growing from it.

My current time clock is getting ready to go to California on Thursday. My current circumstances are forcing me to come to grips with the only thing I can do for sure is get on the plane-the lenghty list of accomplishments I had set out for myself to achieve before lift off is largely undone. But, running my life like a work project wasn't working for me very well.

It takes me sooooooo long to experience and realize things-I feel like the dunce of the universe sometimes. Book learning and math tests-piece of cake....KNOWING what I know to be true-not so easy. Of course, "ranking yourself" in the universe is surely a most unenlightened viewpoint.

The ancient poly perk perked it's last this morning-or rather failed to perk. I dropped the basket in the water to get one final cup of brew. I just spit out a mouthful of Pike's Peast Roast grounds...so much for sentiment.

I gave my folks my new fangled Mr. Coffee that I bought for their visit in Dallas a few months ago when my stomach was so bad that I couldn't drink coffee. When I recovered, I just pulled out the old poly perk, but last week or so I purchased a 4 cup Mr. Coffee because I knew Poly was on her way out, I just wanted to use it until it perked no more.

The new fangled Mr. Coffee is still unused at my parent's house, because the new instruction manual hasn't arrived. It has caused much consternation with them, because they are running out of time-old Mr. Coffee is gasping....running out of time.....

It's amazing really they are so stressed by it. There are probably 100's of coffee makers within a mile or two of here, they have money and a car. If they needed to, the could stop at 7-11 and pick up a cup on the way to the store....but the rhythm of their day would be RUINED (changed) if Old Mr. C dies before the New Manual Arrives. It never ceases confound me on how I could have sprang from those loins. I am sure it does them to, and they probably wonder what they did to have ME heaped on their heads...

Old people, preachers, coffee makers and middle aged kids-we all march down that same road of time. Some of us just choose not to give it as much importance.

RIP Orange Poly Perk!


BBC said...

I thought I would have more time for me when I retired, ha!

Death is something I haven't feared for some time. Other than the instruction to survive I arrived with I've known that my days were numbered.

The switch on my coffee maker broke, but in the on position so I just unplug it when not using it.

If it had broke in the off position I would have taken it apart and fixed it. I'm not tossing a coffee maker just because of the switch.

Have a great day.

Michele said...

I met with a counselor last week on the recommendation of our new fertility doctor. She said we basically have to stop worrying about the future and just take life(and enjoy life)one step at a time. I know it's a difficult philosophy to follow but I like it and I'm making a real effort to do it.

Debra Kay said...

I'm much safer if I don't get into wiring and rewiring. I did very much enjoy the old Poly Perk-it was orange, and enjoyed a final couple of years as a treasured appliance. Then it died and I tossed it in the garbage can. They dont make good watering vessels cause they don't hold that much, although dang it, now that I think about it, what a great self watering flowerpot (you could just keept the spout full of water and let it seep in as needed. FINE...I'll go dig it out.

Michele-put your new IPOD to good use and get either a new earth or the power of now on Itunes. I would suggest a new earth-it's just ET reading the book-but it's easier to take auditory form. The Power of now is a question and answer format and I grew to loathe the readers voices.

Mim said...

Hey there - have a good trip and enjoy some good california roasted coffee!

kj said...


that preacher sounds alittle creepy. why be so blunt?

debra kay, enjoy your trip. breathe in and out, keep your eyes open for surprises, and don't judge. that's my two cents.

take care!

Michele said...

I tried to read the Power of Now when it first came out and it was just a big, ole confusing pain in the behind. Maybe I'll try the new book instead.

Forever Young said...

you are so intimately involved in every part of your life and i almost envy that. i say almost, as i am so NOT involved in every little detail anymore,and maybe that's better. have a good time.