Saturday, April 19, 2008


Layers upon layers
Crops from 5 years ago
Feed from 4 years ago
Settle in the barn and wait
For my spade

Sometimes I am lonely
Believing no one else could find poetry
And wonder in a foot deep layer of horse shit
And maybe no one can
But maybe it's enough that I do


Anonymous said...


human being said...

wow! a very beautiful ambush attack!
Debra, i really loved it ... in the first stanza you take us in the barn... we really feel and see it as real... then like a bolt from the blue we face the word 'poetry'...
oh... all should be regarded metaphorically...

clap clap clap
and your ending line is so true:
'But maybe it's enough that I do'

this line,too, is so impressive:
'And wonder in a foot deep layer of horse shit'
ha ha ha ... i relate to this much...

Honour said...

"it's enough that I do" ... it is enough ... it most certainly is enough - especially if you keep sharing your words! i really liked this poem.