Thursday, January 17, 2008

So lately I've been thinking

...that I'm going round in circles. And I am. But each revolution brings new perspective and new ideas. It's a little like reincarnation, only perhaps a little faster.

And my big ahaaaa of late is that I really do have to give myself a break. Whether I learned it from upbringing, or from society or the media-I'm just too friggin hard on myself. No one could carry the load that I see for myself in my mind. If someone talked to my mother the way I talked to me, I'd kick their ass up around their shoulders.

I'm not quite ready for a warm, cuddly kumbaya moment with myself, but I do need to be a fair and just leader to myself-not just to others. My self talk has managed to paralyze me, locked in to the no win "you aren't any further along than this????" conversation.

I can either have that endless conversation, or I can move foreward. I choose to move.


Mim said...

good choice!

Forever Young said...

i am sending you lots and lots and lots of 'warm fuzzies' to add to your 'kumbaya' moment. i know you are strong enough to get up and get going....
big hugs.
ps would love to see a photo of you and glasses as we may be 'doppelgangers'.

Debra Kay said...

I need to take a new photo anyway-I'm lax about that. Maybe one of Oliver and me.