Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Jim Mottis an artist on a journey. He's traveling across the country, trading his art for the things he needs to survive. The twist is he paints for the person he is trading with-their lives, their front porches, the view from their windows.

What a wonderful way to both share and grow. To go into a stranger's home and show them that the view from their window is, indeed, art-that is a priceless gift. Sitting here, still stuck in my "who am I, what am I, what should I be doing" rut, the idea of what this man is doing inspires me.

More than that, it comforts me. Someone ELSE went out, did something slightly off key, and the world is still spinning. Oh jeeze, am I really such a sheep?

My Virtual Bike Club is taking off-people are latching onto it to give themselves hope for a healthier new year. And I pedal away myself as I think about riding with my virtual sisters who are also pedaling away.

My local bike club is still in the planning stages, but I'm trying to piggy back on to a city initiative to get some free support/publicity.

My heart does lie on the open road, but for now obligations keep me in frozen Oklahoma. The lesson I need to learn here is to see the art outside my own window.


kj said...

debra kay, you have a good spirit. i don't know why your parents get to you so much--resulting in agitation you don't need or want--but this year i am officially granting you and stargazer the freedom to ROAM, in whatever form you want, even from your front porch.

i have the authority. really, i do.

Debra Kay said...

Thanks-I'll be heading to Florida on Sunday...LOL.

Mim said...

How does this virtual bike thing work anyways - aside from being for lap banders?

Debra Kay said...

We just log in once a week to our forum and post our distance on the thread. But it is also getting us to talk about riding, people sometimes feel more secure asking questions online than in a bike shop.

It's very loose though-stationary bike or regular bike, or no bike at all;some people wanted to log miles that they walked, and I said fine-it's all good.

I'll send them a gif with their January mileage on it-some are going to make t-shirts, screensavers, etc.

In February we'll start something else-maybe a race series-fastest time, 5 miles, stationary, fastest time 5 miles, street bike.

I may offer up a fabulous prize to the winners.

It's all voluntary and on the honor system. I was thinking about setting up a VBC website and starting a "real" Virtual Bike Club.

You are more than welcome to join, I can send you the info for the lap band site (it's free).