Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Chicken Coop

Sandra and Sol (my neighbors) allowed their daughters to bring back chickens from California. I was delighted, and raced to the backyard with the eldest to fetch a chicken coop (small one) I had. This is not to be confused with my soon to be built urban chicken coop-this was the little chicken coop for the chick I bought to feed Alfred who didn't get eaten. Well, he didn't get eaten right away, and not by Alfred.

IF I am not the only person on the street with chickens, maybe my parents will be better able to cope.

Thus I have remembered a lesson from my youth-the best way to get by with something is to get other people to do it first.


Mim said...

I simply have to post my stories about chickens. Later tonight. I'm really such a city girl.

Forever Young said...

why are you still so worried about what others will think, it's 2008 just be YOU.

Debra Kay said...

Mim-I'm afraid of roosters too. FY, you are right, but I have to balance my desire for chickens with my desire for travel. The nice thing about the snakes was they were fine to be left for a week or so. And then there is the whole "I'm afraid of roosters thing (but they don't lay eggs so who needs 'em).