Saturday, January 19, 2008


Sue's results can back positive, which in this case is not a good thing. Thyroid cancer is "the cancer to get" if you've got to have cancer, but shit shit shit. The C-word is one we all fear.

Rolling that van probably saved her life-the initial problem showed up on a cat scan after a freak accident. Sue was broadsided going 70 mph, rolled the van down an embankment, and walked away without a scratch. However, she had follow up tests that led to this current diagnosis.

I told her that I saw the hand of Anita (Sue's Mom) all over this. Anita was not a subtle woman and rollling and total a van is not a subtle thing. (Anita, if you are communicating from beyond the grave and have something to tell me, please don't roll my car....)

Wow, what a heavy thing the past few months have been. Rolling vans, ripping trees, illness, destruction-what a long strange trip it's been. And yet, I can't shake the feeling that these things needed to have happened in order for us all to move forward.

No head shaving is in order here-but I'm off now to buy a couple of "Fuck Cancer" hats for Sue and I. We'd vowed to wear them last year when I had a callback on a mammogram, but it wasn't necessary. Since then it's been a running joke-"we'll get the hats if...."

My mother says I borrow trouble, but I think there is some grace in being prepared. How many people know exactly what to do when your friend has cancer? (Go buy a hat).


Mim said...

As I told you, Tony had thyroid cancer about 15 years ago. Very frightening but not at all uncommon, and is actually very common in women. Do you know what type she has (there are at least three types). I have a ton of information if she needs to talk or wants an email and would be glad to share "been there, done that" stories.
Send her a prayer from your friends, and don't worry...this will work out fine.

Debra Kay said...

Thanks Mim. I'm not sure what type she has. I'll pass your info along to her-it always helps to talk to people who have been there, done that.

Michele said...

I wouldn't know what to do for a friend who had cancer so Sue is lucky to have you by her "virtual" side. I'll add Sue to my list of prayers ... unfortunately, I already have three people with Cancer on the list ... and it seems to be getting longer.

Forever Young said...

ohmigod all of this is so depressing, so i think i will go and buy a hat in sympathy for all of you, hey why don't we start a 'go buy a hat'day to boost sue up?

Debra Kay said...

Great idea-I think we should all wear hats on Sue's surgery day!