Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Does skipping Monday Help?

I decided just to ignore Monday completely-in fact, I'm giving in to my general funkishness for the next couple of days. I'm piddling around the house, doing what I can when I can, and not looking at any grand schemes.

Tomorrow I'll meet with my counselor and look at what issues I want to look at. ICK. Maybe that is why I'm in a funk-I'd rather just stay here safe in my little box. I've pretty much resolved all I can solo, and now am in to the confronting/collaborating stage ICK ICK ICK.

I seem to be learning the subtle difference between doormat and just choosing your battles. That's a good and surprising thing. I'm also learning that I need to put some energy back into myself because no one else can work on me but ME.

We have a new twist on power outages-today it's just the wind blowing lines down, no ice, no snow, no rain. I sat on the sun porch until it got scary, then I went down to my folks. Bad idea-they were both cross and out of sorts because of the wind. So, I left, nicely, but I no longer feel the need to hang out and try to fix their cranky moods. I also recognize their right to be cranky-and I will defend to the death MY right to be cranky too!

So, Tuesday happens whether you acknowledge Monday or not.


Michele said...

I really had no idea OK had such extreme weather. Seems like never a dull moment there : )

Forever Young said...

i HATE mondays, re-entry into another week, same old same old....different day, same shit...