Sunday, January 27, 2008

Put it on auto pilot or what?

Daily Horoscope by
Sunday January 27, 2008
You're going through some weirdness right now, but that's not such a big deal -- in fact, most of the serious business is happening unconsciously, so you ought to be able to get on with life.

This is the horoscope equivalent of someone coming up to you after a bad spill on your bicycle, looking at the blood gushing out of your knee and asking "are you OK?" Oh well, guess I'll go get on with my life while my subconscious works out the details. I suppose it is nice to have cosmic permission to go plant some lilies and such.


kj said...

debra kay, i like the way you think!

studio lolo said...

I use an astrology site that I like pretty much. She always does the monthly forecast for every sign...for free! So the first of every month I go to her site to print out the forecast and highlight my best days, worst days, days I'm supposed to buy extra lottery tickets, etc. So silly. But I still do it every month! I wish I could have my chart done but nobody, and I mean nobody knows what time of day I was born. Bummer.
Her site is