Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ok, I'll be honest here

I love Sarasota. It's full of yoga studios, health food stores and people who like to ride bikes. And it's warm. And, it's probably where I'll end up one day, but not today. Well, it IS where I am today, but I mean today in the sense of the general present and not a point in time.

Mid life has one advantage-in the past I would have been tortured because I want to BE in X but I have chosen to live in Y. No torture today-just a quiet knowledge of where I'll probably go next. No hatred for Oklahoma-it's my ancestral home, where I am know, I am spending time with lots of elders at the moment-NOW is the time for that. I have more time than they do (most likely).

Has the calendar ceased to be my mortal enemy?


RED MOJO said...

That's a great way to look at it. I started reading this, and my mind was plugging in Sausalito, where you wrote Sarasota, and I was thinking, Wow! I love Sausalito too! I fancy myself back in California, somewhere near there, the Napa Valley area anyway, that's the way my mind works :)

Michele said...

I've never been to Sarasota but it sounds great. Maybe we should all re-locate there : )

kj said...

i love sarasota too, and i've never even been there!

you are gathering up wisdom, debra kay. be where you are!


Debra Kay said...

Ohhhh, I love Sausalito too. My cousin was the Vice Mayor (I think) of Vallejo and I have a whole bunch (3) relatives in Fairfield. We are going there in April.

But Sarasota is more within the realm of my financial reach, unless I decide to truly chuck it all and live in the Cosmic Cowgirl.

Mim said...

Ooh I love Sarasota also, and would SO love to retire here...right now!