Thursday, January 3, 2008


Beliefnet sent me these 8 Affirmations to Move Past Pain. What struck me was how all 8 pretty much applied to me in some way-are there Universal Pains we all have? And, as a species, why haven't we figured out all the answers and passed them on?

Part of what makes us human is that we focus on the collective as well as the individual-but with all this collective focus you'd think we'd have more answers. The best we can do is divided up into big groups and fight about the answers. Which of course, reminds me about how much I really hate group projects in the first place.

Behold, if you will, Prissy. Prissy does not have an altruistic bone in her body as far as I can tell. She is the living embodiment of the phrase "what's in it for me?" Yet, for all that, she sleeps perfectly well at night and does not fear that she will go to some doggy hell for grabbing all the choice bits away from the older dogs. And she does not need e-mails with suggested affirmations to move past pain. Maybe she's on to something.


Michele said...

Isn't this just perfect. I got myself all prepared to view the affirmation, clicked the link and ... "access denied you worthless piece of crap ... don't use your work computer to view personal things." OK, so maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but you get the picture. It really has been one of those days where nothing seems to be working right.

Mim said...

I love doggies. And their view of the world.

Debra Kay said...

Michele-I almost believed you for a minute-too funny.

Mim, I am considering breaking Prissy out of the kennel and bringing her to Florida with me.

Anonymous said...
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RED MOJO said...

Your link gets you to the affirmations, but the link on that page that is supposed to take you to the first one doesn't get there.
anyhoo, Hi, I thought I'd surprise you by popping in and leaving a comment. My comment is...the dog is right.

Debra Kay said...

Hey Red-I had the same problem-don't use the link, just used the next page button. It's probably a cosmic test or something.