Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Musings

I had forgotten how much colder the air gets when you ride a bike at even a moderate pace....brrrrr. When I start riding with my group (the local one) I will have to go back to wearing a helmet, but it was so much fun to ride around the neighborhood in the morning in my jammies. I stopped in for coffee at Mom's, and she was not fooled.

"You are riding around the neighborhood in your pj's" she observed.

"Before they were PJ's they were workout pants, AND I have on a regular out in the world T-shirt on top of my tank top," I countered.

I really WILL put on some street clothes to take Oliver in to the vet. I may even start the week out right by including a bra in the ensemble.

Last Monday I was sitting in Florida waiting to the hospital with Sue and Jay. Today I'm waiting to take Oliver to the vet for his check up. Apparently I'm really good at Doctor visits.


Michele said...

You've gotten lots of doctor-related practice over the past few years. Practice makes perfect : )

Debra Kay said...

Yep. Oliver's bill was less than $100 but he has a bacterial infection so I am leaving the other kids at the kennel instead of springing them for a day or two (they were scheduled to be there through the 21st anyway).

It was a good visit though-pretty much what I expected, so maybe the rescue gods are smiling on me today.

Mim said...

oh the image!!!

kj said...

oliver thanks you, debra kay....