Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Takin Care of Business

I must be entering the hunger phase of my recovery. I was steadily losing weight, but now that I am back at work and the energy output is more, some old naughty habits are creeping in. Must do the U turn thing. Also, must not freak out-this is one of the pitfalls of dieting-the first bump in the road and it’s back to the all you can eat buffet.

But my goodness, am I HUNGRY. I’m still making sure what I put in the tank is good fuel, but a lot seems to be going in. And, at a time when I need to be stocking up on protein, my spring/summer switch has turned and I don’t want meat at all. Even chicken isn’t sounding good-so I’m almost entirely on fish and oysters. That’s ok, good camping food, a tin of sardines and some crackers.

I’m getting overwhelmed with all the projects I started/thought up whilst I was home-so I am putting a moratorium on new ones until I complete some. My handyman is coming this weekend and I’m going to have him bring the table in so I can decopage-I hope my magazines get here.

My mother cannot understand why I won’t have the handyman seal the trailer. But the trailer is kind of like a guy’s vintage car-no one touches it unless they have to. But my mom is not a guy, so she doesn’t get that either. I did promise I wouldn’t climb until I can walk unassisted.

I’ve been using my jacks/trailer hitch to hold down the big python cage so I bought some tie down straps so that I could go ahead and move them out into the trailer section of the garage. And, I’m going to move the kayak off the bed and the bicycle out of the guest room. Time to move out of recovery mode and into preparation for using mode.

By my new calculations, it will be end of May before I am steady enough on my legs to go kayaking-which is fine because I need some warm water for the inevitable dumps I will take. I can probably bike in a couple more weeks-even before the surgery I never dabbed with my bad foot-I just fell over if I had to. City riding doesn’t usually force you to have to choose a side to put your foot down, so as soon as I can, I’m on the bike. It actually helps with range of motion and the pressure is on the ball of your foot, not my poor messed up heel.

In the meantime, there are dogs to train and snakes to tend and tomatoes to plant. When I get my SOF # I will need to paint that on the trailer along with some lizardly things. This portion of midlife crisis appears to be manifesting by flurry of activity.

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