Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sisters on the Fly and the Green Lizard

It's that old need to "belong", I joined the Sisters on the Fly and part of the application involved naming my trailer. So I faced it head on, it IS the Green Lizard, and painting it and trying to make it something it's not is not in keeping with my plan to quit trying to make things what they are not.

It's a little bitty green trailer and it will never grow up to be an Airstream or class A RV and I probably wouldn't be able to drive it if it did.

I'm never going to look anorexic like Nicole Ritchie (unless I opt for natural burial, no embalming) and even then it would probably take awhile. Of course, at that point time really won't be an issue, will it?

Anyway, I sent off my dues and soon I will be assigned a number, and I will then be Debra Cowden (#xxx). Kind of like being in prison.

I also ordered a sander and a nail gun and a saw. In addition to Scotty repair I want to build snake cages and other fun things and Home Depot sucked me in with their no interest for a year and their rebate, which was kind of healthy. Anyway, if I build only ONE vivarium, the tools will have paid for themselves.

OK, I've bought tools that I rarely used before, but I can't give up TRYING, can I? Otherwise I might as well crawl into the grave and wait to look like Nicole Ritchie.

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