Sunday, April 8, 2007


Yesterday I was driving across town to pick up a snake (ghost ball python, wild caught, FAT, new name (and probably his first ever) is Alfred Hitchcock).

I was trying not to curse the dogwood stuff flying all about the air. The dogwoods want to live and be noticed too, and it's not their fault that I am allergic to them. Then I realized, with much shock, that what I was seeing was not dogwood stuff but SNOW. Snow in my air, in my town in APRIL.

Of course it didn't stick, but once I got Alfred home and warm and settled, the canines and the feline and I climbed aboard the observation platform (aka, my bed) and watched the new arrival until we all fell asleep. By the time we awoke, he was asleep in his log. I know its better to be all antiseptic and plastic, but for a wild caught creature I set him up with wood, etc. so he'd feel at home, and he certainly felt at home enough to strut around the end of the room where ZsaZsa and Eva were spendng out their quarintine time. Dirty old man-they are babies.

Friday was busy with the handyman, who I really put through his paces-I had a lot of fixin and totin to do. I love Kevin because he likes it when I say things like "Next I need you to move the kayak from off the spare bed and into the garage".

He admired my gas powered leaf blower, which I gave him. He was horrified until I told him that someone had given it to me-yes I was curb shopping and I wanted a bird cage and the elderly gentleman insisted I take the gas powered leaf blower. I didn't want to hurt his feelings, my father didn't want it, but low and behold, when Kevin was moving the kayak from the bedroom he spied it and it was his. A pre-easter egg just waiting in my garage for the right hunter to come along.

One of the other tasks he had was to take the table out of the scotty and put it on the sunporch so I can decopage it-my vintage magazines have arrived and my scissors are itching to sciss....or cut or whatever it is they do.

Sue is coming over this week to help me move the snake rack into the house. I bought it used from Alfred's former owner who makes them for sale. I'm actually going to be doing a little reverse engineering-it's hard to get plans for those things so I bought one to measure and pick apart so I can make more for myself.

AND, I got my sister number-I am Sister on the Fly #718 so now I have at least ONE thing to paint on the scotty. One of my purchases at Joanne's was this really great tool that is a soldering iron stamper thing, an one of the things it does is cut plastic stencils-so I will be able to make my own stencils-I'm stoked. But, I learned when burning holes into snake cages that you need to be well ventilated when you cut plastic-peee uuuuuuu.

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