Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues

Speak to me Oh Green Lizard and give me a theme beyond GREEN and LIZARD. Gecko, Gila Monster, Alligator, or Iguana? Realism or Abstract. (Well, let’s face it, abstract has a better chance of success).

Or do I even need Lizards at all? Can’t it just be the Green Lizard because it’s green and then I can go ahead and paint Elvis on the side (the dead singer, not my snake.)

Or what about a T-Rex or Brontosaurus? Oh heaven forbid it the T-Rex would turn out looking like Barney.

What about my Fat Polynesian Goddess dancing on the back of a Sea Turtle? She’s kind of asexual, but she does have nippies-can one HAVE nipples on the side of their trailer? Look what happened to poor Janice Jackson! Maybe I could draw her from the rear-even the handyman flashes butt crack. I live in the south, no one would notice. But the beauty of the Polynesian lady is her smile-she’s sooooo happy and content.

Content is currently unlike me, I’m afraid. I’m having a bit of a fussy, out of sorts, down day. Part is the pain factor over long term is wearing me down a bit, part of it is I have the blues cause Sue and Jay and the girls are moving to Florida. Everybody’s going away.....Looks like this time their going to staaaaayy...a one hit wonder (Good Time Charlie). I really need a vacation from my life at the moment.

A bit of good news, I did get the bright orange Poly Perk, blatant materialist that I am.

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Michele said...

I once had a British Racing Green Miata that I named the Green Monster. I was very proud of the name until the idiot I was dating at the time said I copied the name from a former famous race car. But I didn't know there was a race car named that ... so who cares ... the name still rocks.