Monday, April 9, 2007

Scotty Dreams

Bah, I have to do my taxes and errands and go to work and what I’d really like to do is cut out pictures to paste on my scotty table. And there are the curtains to consider-a lizard motif or a rainforest theme? And how do I drag in a cowgirl element-perhaps a gila monster with a bandana?

Ironically, my house has no pictures hanging in it (no time and I like the clean walls) and I haven’t even loaded the one curio cabinet I have allotted for treasures since I moved in October. Now, granted, I’ve been hopping, Uncle Johns’ needs are keeping me busy and I’m trying to work full time with only one decent leg. But the truth is, it doesn’t dismay me at all. Right now my “art” is really my vivariums. I have a big ass TV in what might be the dining room, and my computer and camera and art supplies and plants are set up there as well.

Ah, but the Scotty is like a canvas, a mad building project, art project and traveling closet all rolled into one. It requires science (plugging the leaks), drafting and power tools as well as paint and fabric.

AND it involves purchasing period pieces-I’ve got a bid now on a Poly Perk. My Mom had two, but she gave one to a friend a few years ago so I am going to go obtain my own.

The one thing that I am going to have to do is install a microwave. I thought about roughing it with a toaster oven, but all my cooking at home is either nuking or crock potting-so I am going to figure out how to mount a microwave in there somewhere. And then there is the all important question-electric grill or charcoal grill?

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