Friday, April 6, 2007

Retail SUCKS-A rant

Whatever happened to customer service or even common courtesy?

Went to home depot, I'm using my walker and I want some storage containers-I was sent all the way across the store for a grand inventory of 2 sorry ass dusty things. I found an electric cart and continued to shop. I asked for some heat tape and the old fart threw 2 different kinds in MY buggy-neither of which was what I wanted. How DARE he. Then he ran off to teach a class, clearly not one in manners.

This man apparently doesn't watch the feel good "we'll teach you how" Home Depot Commercials.

On to Petco, where I pondered the "size 10" critter tanks. I asked the gentleman if they were the same size as 10 gallon aquariums. I told him I needed to know for sure because I had racks already for the 10 gallons....He read the box information to me then read the dimensions to me-and said "I think so " and I, being a cranky old witch said "Well, believe it or not, I can READ and I THINK so too-but I need to talk to someone who KNOWS or who could walk across the store and bring back the measurements. As you can see, it's hard for me to get around." (The walker is pretty self explanatory) You know that old bastard said "Well, enjoy your shopping" and walked off!!!!!

So, this morning I went to another pet store-no one offered to help me even though I regularly place 200+ orders for tanks.

Off to Joanne Fabrics where they have slamming deals on sterlite containers-I was just going to build my own tanks. Now, gentle reader, I KNOW they don't like snakes, so when the nosey lady asked me what I was going to use the heat gun for I said "to make critter cages". Of course she persisted. "What kind of critters"....."snakes". And she jumped back about 10 feet like she had just seen a gaboon viper. Then, on my way out the door, I had trouble with sacks, walker and the heavy glass door and none of the nice ladies offered to help.

This last one really pushes my buttons-I know people are afraid of snakes (some people) even to the point of phobia. But if I were buying a box of tampons or some preparation H, no one would ask what I was going to use it for, or cast judegement if they new I used the preparation H to help minimize under eye bags..... I have no issue with people who are afraid of snakes-what I really despise is people who ask questions but don't like the answer and pass judgement. Now, friends family, etc. can do that because they are friends, family. Retail people, in the business of selling, should either not ask or act like the like the answer no matter what it is. HELLO, the CUSTOMER is always right and I am paying your salary by purchasing my sterlite and heat guns from you.

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