Tuesday, December 15, 2009

KMAT-Lighten up Folks (Irreverent Religious humor warning)

I'm not sure if people are counting down to Christmas or Armageddon.  Why so serious?  Slap what food you have on the table, prepare it with love hand out the presents you have with love and stop with all the worry.  I feel the same way about Chanukah, but that has already started to the countdown reference wouldn't work.  People who take the presentry and pageantry too seriously, Kiss My Ass.  Reverse kiss-it is good that you care about your loved ones, and I recognize that that is part of where the stress is coming from-but your loved ones won't care what you do if you do it with love, and the ones who do care, well, you will never make THEM happy anyway.

The only worse Holiday for one up manship and trying to make people feel bad is Valentine's day.  This year I want someone to ask me what I got for Valentine's day-I'm gong to say "not a fucking thing, no one loves me, what did YOU get?"  (Please, someone remember to ask me).  I digressed didn't I?

This reverse kiss is hard.  I'm glad I don't have to keep it up much longer.

Here's one-I LIKE FRUITCAKE.  If you don't, Kiss My Ass (and send me your unwanted fruitcake for a reverse kiss).  No really, don't.  I don't need it sitting around saying 'eat me, it's the holidays'.  Calories can kiss my ass-they already end up there anyway, it won't be much of a stretch.  (Reverse, we need them to live, yeah yeah, we are lucky to worry about losing weight instead of starving...)

All this vent then reverse is making me dizzy and cranky.  KISS MY ASS Reverse Kiss.....Kiss Reverse ASS MY KISS  (is that a reverse kiss or a mirror kiss)?  I think I need to go puke now.


studio lolo said...

That is not a pretty picture DK!

I know what you mean about the stressed out folks though. It's not about keeping up with anyone. Just do what you can and do it with love.

here here!

Mim said...

it's so silly - like this is the only time of the year that you can show people that you like/love them. I think it should be a month of love, spread it out a bit, stop obsessing about one day. that is one thing that I do like about Chanukah - the 8 days are fun.

Debra Kay said...

I'm afraid if we had 8 days relatives would be here the entire 8 days. My wish is that we could string visits out throughout the year, and maybe have not the WHOLE family, but one small unit at a time. Then there would be time for meaningful interaction.

I really don't like surface stuff, even for families. It seems like a huge bother for very little benefit. Everyone is tired, cranky and such by the end.

Renee said...

First off I start laughing at your comment on my blog. Then I come here and I'm laughing my head off.

Oh my God, you are so funny.

har har har


soulbrush said...

roflol, this is a real pick- me -up for me today, got back from work feeling disgruntled...the whole of december can kma i hate it all.

kj said...

i NEVER think of it as one day: the season starts at thanksgiving for me and ends at new year's. and in between i try to catch up with people i love, and i bake when i can, and i shop with abandon (but never ever at malls).

i'm a happy giver at the holidays, and that suits me just fine.


Michele said...

I'm in the middle of Chanukkah and so far it has been pretty fun. Lots of parties, lots of "gift giving for a good cause" and lots of food and fun. I can't complain although I am glad that I only have two more parties to attend because I'm kind of tired so Old age - KMA for zapping my energy and making me tired.