Thursday, December 17, 2009

A tantrum

Solo says "I WANT IN THERE WITH YOU NOW!!!!!" Yes-he's yelling. He's a fierce puppy! Tremble and be afraid.

Really folks, he's fierce. Ok, maybe not so much. But one day-fierce. Yes. Solo will be fierce. Maybe.



soulbrush said...

aaaaw look at that face, he is adorable. love the look of your blog like this. clean smart and bright.

studio lolo said...

Determined little bugger!
I do love that face ;)

Debra Kay said...

He's a mess. Got the only child syndrome big time-he assumes the world is HIS. Even Oliver adores him.

Last night (12=17) was his first puppy agility class and he was the youngest dog. He did great-and was cute as heck while he was doing it!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a sweet boy. I could see his puppy teeth. He will be a hand full when he grows up.