Friday, December 4, 2009

Beep-You Copy?

Even thought it appears otherwise, I do other things besides sit around and listen to Oliver.  But lately he's been "beeping" and then saying something.  Today it was clear-BEEP-You copy?  This is a before he came here word series.  He makes a lot of telephone noises and stuff-maybe someone had one of those fancy walkie talkie phones.

I'm in the garage cleaning up after the flood-makes getting rid of some of the stuff easier anyway.  It was mostly excess dog clothes-Dottie wore a lot clothes-Prissy not so much.  So, I was looking at the wet remains of Dotties pink fringed jacket she wore on her first plane flight and suddenly I hear "BEEEEEEP-You Copy?"

Yeah, Oliver, I copy.  Dotty is gone, you are here-toss that stuff and get inside and bring you an apple-STAT

Flood, wrecks, 4 inch needles in the belly, it's been quite a week.


studio lolo said...


What did I miss?

I think you need to come back for a visit so I can keep an eye on you!


Renee said...

Oh my God.

Yes, he does have you trained.

You are good for me because just reading your comment on decorating has had me laughing my head off.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nothing like a good flood to help you clear out the unnecessary. I hope you are feeling ok.

Annie said...

Hi Debra. Sorry to bug you here but I don't have your email. I will be out of town tomorrow and would like to send the photo of what I made in the art swap. Will you please write me at


soulbrush said...

needles in the belly? what has that oliver been doing to you? must be that voodoo doll he has under his cage!