Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Caroline has already finished my painting I won won won!  I was allowed by the tyrant who lives in my home to post on her blog, but I was not allowed to post on THIS blog until today.  Now, this tyrant does not have ANY golden apples, nor does she have a crown.  But I don't want to talk about her, I want to talk about ME.

Didn't Caroline do a marvelous job of capturing my very essence?  I have decided to become a Patron of the Arts.  So, in additon to my name name name, Mister Bird, I will also be known as Oliver the Parrot, Patron of the Arts.  OTPPOTA.    Doesn't that look important?  Maybe it should be OTP, POTA.

Mister Bird, Esq., Patron of the Arts.  Oh, I like that.

The strange black and white dog is a mystery to me.  I am a little confused by his name.  The woman says it's Solo, which sounds to me like a cross between Hello and Hola.  I don't like that, and when I called him Hello she laughed and we all know I don't like that.  So I call him Big Boy.

Big Boy stretches out when he sleeps, and he got his toe caught in his shiny silver cage.  OH MY-the screaming.  He screamed and I shouted and the woman came running.  She sorted it out, like when I got my beak caught.  I didn't tell him to shut up because when you are frightened like that, you pretty much have to scream.  How else would the woman know it was time to come running?

The woman is going to put up pink lights soon for something called Christmas.  If I like them, I may instruct her to keep them up indefinitely.  I can do that, now that I am a POTA.  HAW!


Anonymous said...

Hi Debra, this is a wonderful painting! Mister Bird is beautiful:)

Debra,I have sent you an email again as I do not know wether you already replied or not, I had a problem with my blog and mailbox. Just telling you that you won something (one of those little Paris Souvenirs) and need your address so I can send it to you. If you want, you can write me to cestandrea at gmail dot com, have a wonderful day,
greetings from Paris


Teri C said...

OMG!! what a fabulous portrait of you OTPPOTA. I bow to your highness!!!


Mim said...

Oh my - Your OTPPOTTAA-ness - this is an absolutely gorgeous painting - I'm sure it doesn't rival your actual beauty but gives us an idea of how gorgeous you really are.

HAW mr. bird

soulbrush said...

oh yes opota you are the best in all the world.

studio lolo said...

I'm so blown away by this portrait!! I'd love to sit and paint with caroline one day.
Of course I'd like to come and just sit with you one day too Mr. Birdy Bird Bird, um, er...OTPPOTA!!

Lynn said...

Awesome painting! Do we bow down now or what?

Debra Kay said...

I have arrived to comment to my commenters.......HAW!

It's Wednesday-my my my day, but I will pass along the news to the woman. She deserves a little something. I would like to go to the top of that awful tower one day. Someone could carry me up (like the woman) and then I could glide glide down.

Everyone else is entirely correct. It IS a gorgeous painting-just like ME ME ME!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Mr Bird you new title is fitting. This painting is absolutely the best. HAW

Michele said...

I love the painting and I'm laughing my behind off at Mister Bird's post. He is quite clever.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bird, you could take the elevator up the Eiffeltower:)
Have a nice hawky day,

marianne said...

Mr Bird I think Caroline made you ONE Stunning portrait!!!!
It is amazing.
HAW (late I know....)