Wednesday, December 30, 2009

HAW-Not THE announcement, but AN announcement

Not even parrot related.  BOOO BOOO BOOO.

This is my new kitty kitty, Luna.  She's grey like me and she talks a lot and loudly, like me.
That is not THE annoucement, NO NO NO-but the woman is struggling with  multiple projects and guess who gets put on the back burner.  Oh yes yes yes.

But I got a kitty kitty, so it's not all bad.  The woman is working (I think) and thinking way too hard.  I have to keep her reminded of the best things in life-laughing, farting, eating.  I tell her when to bring Solo in-and I make sure he wakes up early in the morning.....HAW HAW.  He's asleep, sound asleep and I call SOLO SOLO and he wakes up and has to pee so the woman gets up-and on her way out she gives me a peanut.  Yes yes yes.

I don't know where the other kitty went.  I called and called and it made the woman cry when I did that, so I did it to see if she would cry.  When she quit crying, I'd say "kitty outside?" and she'd start up again.  It all worked out though-now we have a kitty again.

When will she learn it's just easier on everyone to bring me what I ask for?


kj said...

oliver, do you really talk this much and this well? like, you can really truly say, 'kitty outside'?

you must be more like a roommate than a pet companion.

would you kindly tell our ms. debra kay that her friend kj says laughing and eating are the best things in life, and maybe one or two other matters of passion, but forget that middle bodily function.

oh, i got carried away and almost forgot. your new roommate is beautiful. totally beautiful.

Snowbrush said...

"When will she learn it's just easier on everyone to bring me what I ask for?"

Hey, I could have said that. If people would only learn that about me, the whole world would be a better place, methinks, for me anyway.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oliver you knew what that woman needed. She is just a slow learner. ;) What a pretty kitty. Of course I love the choice of name for the kitty. Luna is just perfect.

Teri C said...

Be careful Oliver, you might fall in love with this cutie.

I can hardly wait for the BIG announcement!

Debra Kay said...

Kitty kitty kitty already knows to come when I call.....I am a good kitty trainer. I am good at everything I do.

Of course can say kitty outside. I know what outside is. I go there sometimes. OUT SIDE. That's how I say it. It's two words you know.

I say apple as two words some times-AP PLE, or I say it fast as one word, apple apple apple. I'm talented that way.

studio lolo said...

Luna is such a fitting name for that blue kitty seeing as we're having a blue moon tonight!

I love your new kitty kitty Oliver. And I love that maybe that missing piece in the woman's heart will be filled again with those little paws ;)

Happy New Year you handsome devil!

Debra Kay said...

YESSSSSS MY KITTY MINE MINE MINE. I tell her what to do-heeeeere kitty kitty kitty and she does not go outside. I do not think the dogs should go outside because they can't seem to hear me when they are out there and I need to be able to tell them what to do.

Sometimes I wonder how you guys manage when I only get to tell you what to do one day a week. If you want, you can all come live in my living room and I'll be happy to direct your activities-but you will have to be quiet when I'm watching Leno or listening to Toddler Tunes.

Debra Kay said...

HAW I posted on Thursday-the woman is slipping....teee heeee heeeeee. YESSSSSS!

soulbrush said...

aaaaw she reminds me of sjimmie when she was a kitty. i like kitties but not great big scratchy cats. oliver do you know that cats eat birds??? so i think you had better come and live with me in london. before she grows up.

Lynn said...

Cute kitty! Happy New Year.

Debra Kay said...

The kitties I have been around don't seem to want to eat me-I have a big beak and I let them know if they are looking me "in that way" that I will used it. I don't flit around much.

The Pasht used to charge the parakeets, but they've gotten big and bossy and storm Luna with screeches and flaps and such so she doesn't get too close to the cage.

The woman says Luna is "teenage kitty", they todl her she was year old but we don't think she's quite that old. She's at that 6-9 month stage when the cute has worn off and no one wants to bother to teach her kitty manners or have her spayed.

Well TOO BAD. I wanted a kitty kitty and the woman's hands are scarred anyway-whats a few more scratches? Actually though, Luna is pretty smart and only has to be told "NO" once and she listens.

She tries to talk like me-but she only says meow. I am trying to teach her-I say "kitty kitty, meow....hello?" but so far she only says "meow", so she's probably a little retarded like the other cat was and all the dogs. I don't know why the woman always picks retarded animals to bring home.

Caroline said...

Grey kitty - pretty! Grey parrot - beautiful!! Caroline x

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Pretty Luna (we had a kitten who was blue too, and her name started out as Blue Moon and soon it was Luna, too!

You are such a funny birdie, must come from watching Leno!