Monday, December 14, 2009

Cactus Monday-Cactus Red Carpet

All eyes were on Nancy as she arrived at the Cactus Winter Ball.  She hoped no one noticed she only had one lizard for her carriage.

Madge went for the simple, elegant look.  HCM!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh my goodness. Pam will have to hustle to arrive late to the ball. She must have misplaced her invitation. I must say Nancy looks quite queenly in her ball gown. HCM.

soulbrush said...

roflol, what is happening to you? your art mojo is just bubbling over- loving what you're doing cactuteer. hcm.

Teri C said...

LOL, very cute and clever. You are really getting into this!


deepazartz said...

Hey Debra

This is so fun...very different from your usual draw too...Its cute!

Keep up this sport!

Good Day!


Jenea said...

Hahaha! This Cactus is so awesome!!
I saw there one little dwarf gecko!!! Cool idea! :)

Margaret Ann said...

Clever! Happy Cactus Monday! :)

Lynn said...

Very Cute!

Evelyn Howard said...

These are cute and whimsical, great colours. HCM.

Snowbrush said...

Well, at least Nancy didn't have to walk to the ball like those of us who have NO lizards.