Saturday, November 21, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Low carb crankiness
Soon will pass.

In keeping with my dog training mantra of face the issue right now, right now in the midst of "food season" I am going low carb, Southbeach in my kindle, damn the torpedos......I even have concocted a low carb dessert for my T-giving table-the rest is no problem-I will not make gluten free dressing and viola-no carbs for me.

Truth be told, I had one bad cranky day and that was it.  Possibly because I decided if I was to give up sugary goodness, I could have whatever I wanted that fit the parameters of the program, so I did a little thinking and came up with low carb luxury food-Caviar and light sour cream on celery stix.  The next day my folks took me to a new Chinese buffet, where I piled up with seafood and veggies-yes, mussels, octopus and shrimp are low carb.

I see absolutely no reason or redemption in needless suffering.


kj said...

dk, you know i did south beach. what a fast way to lose in two weeks! i'm about to settle in with weightwatchers, get me through the holidays. i love food this time of year, every aspect of it.

you're doing well. keep it up. you look great. i see you walking that mandala in ptown and every time i smile.


studio lolo said...

Speaking of that mandala, I have to post the pics soon!
Watching you 'get into it' was a highlight for me ;)

hang in the friend!

Debra Kay said...

Today was not so exciting food wise-highlights were Chicken Caesar, no crutons (can't have them anyway cause of the gluten thing) and some garlic cheese curds. No complaints though-I like both of those things.

Mandala =labyrinth, right?

Ironically, the gluten thing and the low carb thing work out pretty well together.

human being said...

and your ten-word ending sentence was pure wisdom...