Wednesday, November 18, 2009

HAW-A change of scenery will do YOU good...Me? Not so sure.

The woman is up to something.  She brought in my abduction cage.  I have three cages-a nighty night travel cage, an abduction cage where I am housed when I am abducted so the woman can go away, and my regular cage.

First she sat up a big silver cage on the floor and put a strange furry dog in it.  MY cages, my birdy bird cages, are black.  Always black.  But I like shiny things. Yes yes, and this was a big shiny shiny with a moving blob of fur in it.  So, she got a perch out, and carried me over and I didn't think it was close enough so I FLEW over to the silver cage and walked all over.  HAW-that little fur ball went nuts!  Oh yes.

So, I walked on it some more until the woman made me quit. Hmph.  THEN she brought in my abduction cage (with my travel shiny in it-yes yes yes!).  She put it right by the shiny silver fluff dog cage and told me, ME to be nice.  Nice? I'm always nice.

I wasn't going to like it, but I can see the TV better and watch the fluff dog and see the mail person and the street stuff happen-so FINE.  I will like it.  As long as I get my apples and craps, who cares.  Besides, I can still SEE my other cage.

Today one of the neighbors rang the doorbell, and I yelled "BE QUIET" and he left, and then the woman had to go out and explain it was me.  OH YES....that was fun fun fun.  I am going to yell every time someone comes to the door-I yell at the mail person too.  I like yelling at people even more than yelling at the dogs.

Does she really think I don't see through her clumsy plan to make me forget that in that other cage is a blue platform where my pink perch used to be?  I AM flattered she has gone to all this trouble to make me feel better about the blue platform, even to the fuss and expense of purchasing a small furry animal to amuse me.

But really, does she think I don't KNOW?

HAW-I know all.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oliver, it is your job to keep an eye on that little package of fur. I am sure you will do a good job. Haw to you too.

Renee said...

Too funny. xoxo

Teri C said...

Oliver, you are the BEST!!! You sure let us know what that woman is up to. I love getting your take on it.

Debra Kay said...

Yes yes yes! I keep my eye on all things, and I comment on them too. My opinion is the only one that matters.

She put shiney things in the "big ass bouquet" and I am waiting for just the right moment to bring the entire thing crashing down....HAW!!!

Renee said...

kisses xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Debra, I just left a comment but it couldn't be processes, so I re-try now with my new ID...
just wanted to say that I love your writing, it's intriguing, funny and beautiful and puts plenty of images in my mind.
Thanks for coming to my new blog Parisdreamtime, I'll count you in in the lottery for the giveaway, winners will be announced next Tuesday:)
Have a great week

kj said...

now oliver, she gets A for effort.

would you shout out a few kisses into the air, please. and a couple of hugs, and then one two minute deep down laugh shared among friends?

thank you very much.


Mim said...

Oliver - I'll be thinking of you when I have my turkey this week - I wonder what you think of that habit of ours of EATING BIRDS!!!!

love you ollie - really.

kanishk said...

My opinion is the only one that matters.

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