Tuesday, November 3, 2009

KMAT-Christmas decorations already up-on houses

I tolerate it because I have to, and because I understand the stores have to sell in advance of Christmas Day.  "It" being the early arrival of decorations.  I spotted a few in August along with the arrival of Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff.  The economy is slow-people need to think in advance.

Or do they?  If you are worried about your job next year, should you really buy $300 worth of ornaments THIS year?  I don't know and I don't care-I tolerate it.  I don't even break out in a cold sweat the first time I see the glitter and glitz of red, green and white silvery ....OK, let's just say I tolerate it as best I can.

On my way home tonight (Monday) I saw two houses with lights a blazing.  They had not left them up all year, no these were newly hung and lit Christmas lights.   I agree-the weather's been great-it's not a bad idea to put them up while it's warm.  I myself, should I decide to do lights, may even do so.  But LIGHT them?  NO.  KMA.  Am I being intolerant?  No, I'm not telling them what to do with their lights, I am telling them what to do with my ass.  Kiss it.

I boycotted Halloween Candy handouts this year.  Bought some candy, but turned my lights off and tossed it on a shelf for Thanksgiving.  (York peppermint patties will go nicely after dinner with coffee).  I seriously do not like the attitudes of the kids who came to my door last year, greedy ill mannered little waifs.  And the parents.  The parents rarely said thank-you nor directed their kids to.  No thanks, don't want to play.  Halloween Scrooge?  Oh well, Kiss My Ass.

I also question the handing out of substances I try to avoid myself and encouraging kids (as if they needed it) to stockpile candy.  Halloween needs a revamp.  Till then, Kiss My Ass.

I'm trying to get in the Thanksgiving spirit, whatever the hell that is.  I'm going to cook dinner at my house, painful though that may be.  Too many gluten laden dishes will put me out of commission for the rest of the weekend, so I'll do my part.  I planned my dishes, bought suitable vessels for those dishes I had planned but had not a suitable vessel in which to prepare them, and hit the the after Halloween Sale at Michae';s and bought myself a big old half price wicker cornucopia and a hundred dollars worth of other stuff I couldn't leave the store without.  Hideous half price cornucopias, luring me in-Kiss My Ass.

I'm hosting a Centerpiece contest (a fun thing) on another website and even giving away fabulous prizes.  For those not crafy-I included a Fantasy category wherein the person could draw a picture or describe what they would do if they could do it-it being build a centerpiece.  First posting was a complaint-"I can't rub two sticks together" well, Kiss My Ass and read the instructions before you complain.  Whiney ass people can Kiss My Ass.

Now I did say fabulous prize, but it's a group of WLS patients, they know I'm paying for it out of my ass pocket and it's in the middle of Holiday season-HOW  fabulous could it BE?

 Remember when Billie Jack talked about how he tried to be a more peaceful person but then he couldn't and he whopped that dude right upside the head with his foot?  That's kind of how I feel.  I'm trying, oh yes, I'm trying hard.          

Photo credit is due to KJ-who took this lovely ass view in Provincetown.  MY Ass should be so fine.  The dog was 10 years old, so she's about my age in dog years.  Hmph.  Kiss My Ass Old age.


studio lolo said...

I recognize that ass!!

Early Christmas decor bothers me in that it seems to rush the season. Time is rushing by already people. Slow it down a bit.
Since moving back to the East coast a few months ago I'm reminded of the fast pace crazy driving gotta get there yesterday mentality that I left behind 16 years ago. Although I've missed some things about being here, that isn't one (or any) of them.

I did find my dream table today though for my French farmhouse dining room.
Hmmmm, now where did I put those Christmas plates and candles.....?

soulbrush said...

man oh man oh man i hate all this xmassy stuff hanging up all over shops and windows and everywhere. for heavens sake, it's ages still and in any case i don't feel like christmas this year..bah humbug!
wordveri:fort (is that like a fart?)

Debra Kay said...

Soul, I wasn't just trying to be funny when I said seeing the stuff used to make me break out in a cold sweat-it totally did.

I've resolved some of it over the year, but really would like to have to work on it once a year for a month, not the entire last quarter of the year.

I'm actually planning a dog party on Christmas Day, after lunch with my folks, with another friend whose family celebrates on "other days" due to split families.

We are going to have dog prezzies for them to rip open, and we are going to eat ice cream (no cooking involved). I'll gate the house in sections so those who are anti social can still be here but not cause trouble. Dogs are so much more fun than people.

Michele said...

I do love a nicely decorated house during Christmas but I don't even start thinking about looking at lights until after Turkey day. When I was growing up, we'd drag out the holiday decorations the day after Thanksgiving and not a second sooner.