Monday, November 30, 2009

Cacuts Monday-Cactus 3 Ways

I've been watching too much Iron Chef Lately.  Happy Cactus Monday!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Is this the icing on the cake? Cute. HCM.

soulbrush said...

how did you do these? i simply love them. what's 'chef'? is it a cooking programme?never watch those, hate food and cooking too.

studio lolo said...

wow, these looked like fused glass!!!

How the hell can you stomach that iron chef guy? I truly want to kill him and you know how peaceful I am!

Lynn said...

Curious! And interesting. And colorful. Yes, YOu've got our interest!

Debra Kay said...

I didn't care for the iron chef competition-don't even know who won. It was more about beating the other guy than just creating good food.

The actual show, I like-they just do their best and let people decide who did the best on that day.-Soul, they give a mystery ingredient and one hour and the chefs have to prepare a meal highlighting the ingredient. Girl, how can you hate food? We need it to survive! Cooking, I can take or leave.

Debra Kay said...

As to the how-the base coat of the cactus is a photo of my chest in a ribbed tank top-I took it cause I liked the texture...LOL.

The bottom is rocks off a random photo, i borrowed the shadow from that photo. The sun, sky and horizon I painted in layers in photoshop.

The top one was when I declared it "finished" and the other two are just fidding around with the finished file....most of the actual work was done in the top one.