Sunday, November 8, 2009

P-Town Teaser Photo

Don't you just LOVE the seagull in my header?  I was going to make him a picture, then I decided to promote him to header-please don't mention this to a certain Mr. Birdy Bird Bird.

I can't even lie and say it reminded me of Oliver-I really felt like this fellow was channeling Jonathan Livingston Seagull, but for all I know his name was Horrace Raymond Scuppernog.

Museum Evening was great.  The band was the best surprise, and I don't know why I was surprised.  Norman has hatched some pretty well known talent.  The dessert selection, though pretty, posed no real threat to my dieting efforts.  It wasn't OMIGOD good.

The panoramas photographed really really REALLY well.

But, of course my faves were the BONES!

I love ancient bones.

  Ok, one more bone photo.

 The mandatory Mammoth in the Rotunda and a random couple of people.           A painted leather saddle bag. A distant relative, me and Denise.

The Aids virus.

Creepy, huh? It was actually kind of pretty, but appearances are often deceiving, aren't they?A diatom.  They make your toothpaste rough (Denise told me that).I loved the beadwork.  I also love the ancient people's exhibits.

Oh, I'm sorry, did you want to see more P-town?

Isn't this lovely?

What about this?  Or maybe this?

So easy to just pull random photos off the disc-everyone is a good one.

Happy Sunday!


soulbrush said...

the aids virus, omg it is too pretty for words, mind you so is your relative.
wordveri: fecund (no kidding!!)

Snowbrush said...

I enjoyed your photos, and envied you your "larger than mine" museum.

studio lolo said...

Great shots deb! Of course I love the ones that were taken when I was with you :)

The header's awesome. Love that guy being in the right corner and so much sky around him.

The panoramas look ethereal, don't they? Other worldly!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I can see you had a great time. Don't worry I won't tell Oliver that you were flirting with another birdie.

Mim said...

I love the bones Deb - they are way too cool. Sounds like a fun night, and also love the pTOWN photos ....I'm sure you have some with PEOPLE in them!!!!

kj said...

these shots are all good, deb, but my favorite is the one with you in it. i can just see you...

Debra Kay said...

The bottom one was taken right off my hotel room-the light was all kinds of crazy that day.

Mim-I took a vow not to put people up without their approval-I'm still going through that approval process.

KJ_you know how I feel about being in pictures....LOL.

Snow-the museum isn't that big, but that kind of makes it nice, a couple of hours and you are done. Good for an evening or day trip.

Soul-I really liked the aids virus it was so cool looking and the plastic was shiney!

Michele said...

Really nice pics. Thanks for sharing.