Wednesday, November 11, 2009

HAW-The BIUE perch is still there, I'm coping

Yes, yes yes-it's still there and I'm still sleeping in my green extra food bowl.  Who cares?  I like my pink perch so I throw my food on the floor of my domain and then go down and sit on my pink perch (which used to be up high and I could sleep on it) and eat.  So there.

Do you see me me ME ME ME?  I was offended at all the pictures going up that were NOT ME and the woman made me over in the style of the Great OZ-where his head floats and scares the cowardly lion.  HAW!  That's good-I'd do that too and I'd laugh and say "what's your problem, huh?"

The woman has been nice to me this week.  She let me watch Einstein the pretty little grey girl on her 'puter.  I sat next to her on the bed, and the 'puter sat on her belly and she pushed the buttons to make picture of Einstein come up.

I am not allowed to play on the computer or touch the cords.  I'm not supposed to touch any cords unless they are in my cage, then they are MY CORDS and I can touch them.

The woman has put a funny cage without a top on the floor.  It's gold (eww) and she calls it an ex pen.  She says it's not for me.  I disagree and I like to climb on it.  The Moon was in a cage like that once when he was much much smaller.  Now he's big BIG.  And the Molly is even bigger-but she's still afraid of me and I like it that way.  MY pens, mister bird pens, are black.

The woman did this on purpose (with intention as she says) so that I would always know it's "Ok" to go on a black pen.  Birds are in black pens, dogs never are.

But, she messed up.  The big dogs roughed up their night crages (she calls them crates) and she didn't want to order black ones-so she ordered new matching silver cages.  After she bought and paid for them, she realizes chrome sets off the Moon's OCD-so now she's debating on whether to try to work with it and desensitize or just replace them.  But SHE doesn't like the gold ones (neither do I) and of course they can't be black.

 BLACK belongs to ME ME ME, and you know that color matters to ME.  If she tried to put me in a silver cage, oh no no no.  Not going to happen. Not me, mister bird.

How will this all end?  Frankly, I don't care.  Not my problem.  But isn't it strange, I ask you, that she puts a BLUE platform in my BLACK cage, and suddenly she is besieged and buried in silver, Moondog activating cages?  Hmmmm, it's really best to not mess with Mister Bird, is it?



Lisa at Greenbow said...

Never a dull moment in your world Oliver. HAW.

Teri C said...

You sure live in interesting times Oliver and I'm so happy you tell us about it every Wednesday. It always makes my day.

I see you have lost your perch on the header, but I like your new 'look'.

studio lolo said...

Sounds like you're all in a 'cagey' situation!!!

HAW Mr. all powerful Birdy-Bird!!!

Debra Kay said...

It's ME ME ME-Debra Kay. I crack up every time I look at Oliver as Oz picture. That really is his world view.

Yesterday he decided that he wanted some Pop Pop Pop Corn, and he proceeded to bring it up any time he new I had his attention. He's sing and coo and and soon as I said something to him he'd get this sudden, happy look on his face as if it had just then came to him and say "Hey, Want some pop pop pop CORN?"

I tested this and he did it every time until 9 pm till he finally got his pop corn. As soon as he finished it he looked up and said "HEY want an APPLE?"

He didn't get his apple till this morning-and he'd already moved to "Hey dogs, want an APPLE?" and of course the poor dogs were drooling. Bad bird BAD BAD BIRD

Debra Kay said...
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Mim said... make life so interesting.

kj said...

oh the forboding...!

but i know it will all end well...


Debra Kay said...

KJ-it will only well if I, ME ME ME MISTER Bird, is happy, don't you think?

soulbrush said...

oliver you have proved that we can all adjust to new situations if we have to, a very valuable lesson.