Thursday, November 12, 2009

Apropos of Nothing

I'm off to get Solo today but I wanted to leave something behind so you guys would know I'm thinking of you.

I took the base shot in Salem, drawn to the linear quality of the building and the icon, and the strangeness that Salem would have THIS in the town center.  Ok, I don't get out much.

But, when I opened it up again, I swear it looked like Jesus and the tree were having a nice chat.  So I enhanced that aspect.  I apologize in advance if it offends you-I'm sure Jesus knows I didn't mean any harm.


Mim said...

without getting all religious and crazy - I would say...(if I believed) that Jesus DOES talk to trees, as he talks to all the little animals and beings and yakkity yak.

I like the balloon - great touch!

studio lolo said...

ha ha, I guess you don't get out much!

I didn't know trees had lips :P

Debra Kay said...

I thought it needed the balloon so it would be clear the tree wasn't trying to eat poor Jesus.

I think everyone should have a nice day in the park with a balloon.

soulbrush said...

great post!!

Linda said...

Debra Kay
I have been away and yesterday, my neighbor brought over the box that you sent for the art exchange. I am blown away! You are TOO generous. I hope I can do justice to such a great assortment of goodies. Thanks so much!