Tuesday, November 17, 2009

KMAT-Aging and Creepy Mailing Lists

Today is my birthday-I'm 49.  SHIT.  Kiss My ASS.  How did that happen?  I dunno.

Anyway, I'm on what may be the creepiest mailing list ever-the list of people who have dead loved ones that R****haven has buried somewhere.  Periodically they send me notices for general memorial services in case I just want to go sit around with other people who have dead loved ones they (R-haven) has planted.

In today's flyer was an order form for holiday wreaths.  I cracked up.  John didn't like holiday decorations in his house or later his rooms, I doubt he'd want a red wreath dangling from his tombstone.  For one thing-it isn't allowed in the military cemetery....if I snuck one in-well, I won't.  CREEPY HOLIDAY MARKETING-KISS MY ASS.  I can't believe business is so slow they'd have to drum up business from former customers.  Ewwwww.   Ewwwww! KMA.


Renee said...

49, your just a baby.

Happy Birthday.

And you are right, that is creepy.

By the way the cactus below looks like it is dreaming of being a penis, and not a lily.

Love Renee xoxo

kj said...

Hello birthday girl!

I put a wreath on my dad's grave when I can and I talk to him while I tie the string

love love

Mim said...

Happy Birthday Deb - you are just a baby my friend.
the naked ape is way creepy...poor cold thing

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday from me too.
Wierd looking monkey!!!!!!!!

Michele said...

Happy Happy Birthday! And I have to agree ... creepy mailing list, creepy ape. He looks really cold : 0

Debra Kay said...

The irony of the mailing list is John is buried at a National Cemetery, I can't go in OR put a wreath on-the markers are on the ground.

Whoever did the database coding didn't really think that one through. They just sent out a thing to all former clients, probably who died this time last year-which is kind of a sucky thing to do.

It didn't bother me in an upsetting kind of way-but if I still had unresolved issues around John, it likely would have.

Debra Kay said...

To be ornery, I left half the cost of the wreath at Starbucks to be used for tips or cars behind me-I felt like John was giving me a wink.

Snowbrush said...

Like Renee says, you're just a baby, and she's even younger than I (but a lot smarter) so she would know.

studio lolo said...

hey, even cemeteries have to make a living ;)

That is a creepy list to be on though!

I wish I knew it was your birthday! I love making a big deal of friend's bdays.

I hope you did 49 things that made you happy!! I'm sure 48 of them had something to do with coffee!!

Debra Kay said...

I had a good morning with my dogs and some pumpkin spice coffee I bought at Cracker Barrel. Then I went to Moms and she fried some catfish with coconut flour so I wouldn't itch, made me a kickass pumpkin mousse and some gluten free peanut butter cookies.

Then Priss and I went to Sears to buy a filter for the humidifier and to Starbuck's afterward. She did not get a puppucino though-she had quite a feed at Mom's.

Of course, I spent a lot of time working with Solo and Molly-she's in class right now and they are having a contest next week. We are down two lessons because of my illness and then a doggy flu (she wasn't ill but i didn't want to spread it) so we have to kick tail in this contest or have fun trying.

kanishk said...

can and I talk to him while I tie the string

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