Thursday, November 5, 2009

Meet Solo

I knew better than to introduce Solo on Oliver, err animal Wednesday.  Oliver, in fact, doesn't know about Solo yet, but they will become acquainted soon enough.  I let Oliver sponsor the crate training of Moon, and not Molly, and Molly STILL doesn't trust Oliver as far as she can spit him.

Solo is a rough coated border collie and he's a very large boy.  He was the only pup in his litter, firstborn son of Cinch (Lockeye It's a Cinch) a half brother to Moon and Molly.  That makes Solo a nephew of theirs.  Solo comes to live with us next week.

Molly is in agility training now-just beginning to see if she likes it.  Moon and I are working together on Freestyle (dancing with dogs) moves to see if its possible for us.

Greta got a new collar today-it's soooooo cool.  It's two chain links woven into a buckle collar, with ribbons in between.  If Cody chews THAT one off her I am going to rename him Cujo.


Snowbrush said...

I never knew that border collies came with more than one coat. If you looked closely at the little photo on my blog, you might have noticed that my "lap dog" is a blue heeler. Believe me, when she was younger she would never have sat stlll that long or lay in a lap. Now, she's twelve and blind.

Mim said...

what a gorgeous pup - SO happy that you have a new doggie.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a handsome little boy. Such personality. I hope he and Oliver get along.

studio lolo said...

OHMYGOD I snatched his photo and kept it!!!!

I can smell his puppy breath.
I WANT to be close enough to smell his puppy breath.

Oh man, I'm so happy for you both.


Emma's happy about Greta's new collar ;P

Debra Kay said...

I was thrilled about the collar too. Greta needs a little something something to make her feel better about herself, and everything I buy her Cody chews off. It's like she is being punished for his collar obsession.

Snow-technically they have two coats-rough and smooth-but there are several in betweens.

Solo is going to be very heavily coated with a slight curl to it. Not sure, but the wave is probably a "fault" in the show ring. He comes from herding working stock, who are bred for ability.

Some breeders are trying to incorporate the ability back into the conformation-Moon's Grandpa is a smooth coated conformation and herding champion-so it can be done.

In the old days in Scotland, the rough coated ones were sent out into the field to herd the sheep and the smoothies drove them to town.

Michele said...

He is sooooo beautiful. What a sweet little face.